Refresh your Kitchen with new Finishing Touches this Autumn



The kitchen is one of the very first things that a buyer looks for when they appraise a potential home, and there’s one very big reason for this. More specifically, buyers often look to replace the kitchen when they move into a new home, in order to stamp their own authority on the property.

Research by HSBC has also found that a new kitchen may add at least £5,000 to a property’s price, while delivering an ROI of around 49%.


Even if you’re staying in your current home, you may well decide that the time has come to refresh your kitchen in time for the autumn. You can achieve this with the use of new accessories and finishing touches within the kitchen, including some of the following options:

  • Install New Blinds in the Kitchen

If you have blinds in your kitchen, you may notice that they become tired and worn looking over time.

Now is the ideal time to replace these tired looking fittings, however, particularly if you liaise with reputable suppliers such as Direct Blinds. This type of resource offers an array of versatile blinds that are both stylish and functional, with roller blinds in particular offering the ideal accessory for your home.

Try to aim for bright and bold colours, as these can add a touch of brightness to your kitchen as the longer nights begin to draw in.

Just strive to remain within a clearly defined colour scheme, whether you retain the existing palate or create a brand new one.

  • Use Wallpaper to Replicate the Appearance of Tiles

Apparently, wallpaper is making a significant comeback and represents one of the major design trends of 2018.

In fact, wallpaper is even becoming a popular design accessory in the kitchen, while home-owners are adopting an increasingly creative outlook when looking to incorporate this as part of their décor.

We’ve even seen wallpaper products designed in a classic antique tin tiles pattern, with this being deployed as a splashback.

This type of design is well worth consideration, so be sure to consider adding a touch of colour and modern style to your kitchen by selecting a unique wallpaper pattern this autumn.

  • Install Shelves that Add both Functionality and Style

There’s no doubt about it; modern homes are becoming increasingly compact, with new build structures arguably smaller than ever before.

This is requiring home-owners to become increasingly creative in their attempts to optimise their available storage, without creating a cluttered room to reducing the amount of floorspace at your disposal.

One idea is to deploy open shelving in your kitchen, as this maximises space and makes a truly striking design statement.

This can cover your wall space to create convenient and accessible storage that ultimately does not make your kitchen smaller than it already is.


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