Book review – Conrad Jones, A child for the Devil


I was asked if I’d like to read a new book and to give my views on it so I thought, why not! It gives me an excuse to read something potentially outside my usual choice which I always think is important for expanding your horizons.


I was sent a copy of A Child for the Devil by Conrad Jones – it is one of his Nine Angels series which also includes Soft Target, Soft Target II ‘Tank’, Soft Target III ‘Jerusalem’, 18th Brigade, Blister, The Child Taker, Criminal Revenge, Criminally Insane, Nine Angels, A Child for the Devil and Hunting Angels.

The author is known for his talent of thriller writing such as his Detective Alec Ramsey series of seven individual books. He specialises in thriller, crime and the occult.


This novel, unlike any of his others, will initially throw a few of his fan base as the main character is Conrad Jones’ himself. He even includes his partner and dog as another key character.

In a nutshell, it’s scary! The story tells of the terrible situations Conrad found himself in whilst helping the police investigate several murders where the victims were left scarred with symbols relating to the occult. Throughout the story, Conrad reminds the reader to check out the included facts (through Google!) about this one particular Satanical cult, the Order of the Nine Angels. It’s so weird, you read it thinking this is all made up but is it? Or is it one of those “real” experiences like the one the writers of the Blair Witch manufacturered for better effect.


Whatever the truth, it’s creepy.


Within the bank of the story, Conrad is investigating links between the Order of the Nine Angels and several unsolved murders. He discovers many a terrifying truth as well as the enormity of anarchic groups such as this one. The Nine Angels know of his work and naturally are not happy with what he is doing so make a bid to keep him quiet by way of setting him up with the police, intimidation and attempted murders. How he managed to carry on with his research without cracking up, I have no idea!


He has one constant ally and friend throughout the whole story. His loyal staffy, Evie. So when all his friends have either been murdered or have disappeared, he is left to rely on her for support and companionship more than ever.


I won’t detail any more as I think it would ruin it for anyone wanting to buy a copy.


The story is very simply written which I liked as recently I’ve been too tired to take on some of the deep and challenging novels I so love to read. The characters are self-explanatory and their position within the plot and linkings to the various other characters are easy to decipher. There is little unnecessary or flowery descriptive patterns which I think adds to the eeriness. There’s a simplicity to the text that retains a dark surrounding to the whole book; it doesn’t bog you down in detail yet gives you enough to understand the gist. You know in films when there is no background music and it creates a creepy backdrop? That’s how I feel this book is written and it’s perfect for the genre.


I have never read any of Conrad’s other novels but I can certainly recommend them to anyone wanting to read something gripping and sometimes a little bit creepy gross. It serves up a huge amount of thrill with a side order of shock and captivation.




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