Values that will set your kid up for life


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The secret ingredient when it comes to raising good kids, kids that make your heart burst with pride and kids that become a shining light of awesomeness to the children around them stems from teaching them the right values. That is the role we have as parents – to give them the best shot at success in life. We need to teach them about acceptable behaviour and positive thought processes. It is like we said, in order to achieve any kind of success at this level we parents need to understand which values are the most important for us to focus on.


Respect Is The Fountain Of All Good

Every great character trait comes flooding out of basic respect. Just think about it. Respecting the rules and authority that we have as parents then encourage them to respect laws and show obedience. Respecting the context and opinion of others leads to kindness. Respecting themselves teaches them the importance of confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-control. Where respect is lacking, however, is where things like bullying and teasing stem from. The same goes for laziness and disobedience. Flip that and determination, ambition, cleanliness and all sorts start to become linked to respect.


Be The Role Model They Need

Kids are going to do as you do, not as you say. It is just how learning works. We learn better through visual stimulus than we do through instruction. So make sure you are being the role model that they deserve to have. That means eradicating any bad habits you have. So if you smoke, try and fix this fast, whether that be through a company such as Aspire UK or hypnotherapy. That means teaching your kids the importance of staying active and healthy, which can be achieved as a family; hiking at weekends, going on bicycle rides and walking to the shops instead of driving. It also means teaching them how to eat healthily and that reading book is far better than watching screens. So get rid of all your junk food and leave your smartphone out of reach in favor of reading yourself.


Manners Maketh the Man

One of the most important gifts any parent can ever give their child is the gift of manners. That is because there are so many benefits that stem from having manners. An improved IQ, more thoughtful attitude and better levels of respect. They also become a lot more reasonable as people, which is a wonderful sight to behold. Manners teach people to be considerate of others; it teaches them that the people around them are also people, with their own opinions, contexts, thoughts, and needs. Once a child realizes that life becomes a much easier place to navigate.


Who You Are Beats What You Can Do

Go and speak to a teacher – or a coach – and ask them what kind of student – or player – they would prefer to have in their class and they will tell you that a person of quality always trumps a quality performance. They would much prefer to have someone who is respectful, hardworking and dedicated to their team than a natural athlete that is a pain to coach, that is disrespectful and hard work. That is because skills can be taught and personality can’t. Self-respect and respect for others are what builds quality people, and that is a fact that follows people through life.

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