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Yes, I know I’m married already but who doesn’t love a wedding? In fact, our one year anniversary is coming up and this made me reflect on our lovely day and how it was so special to us. I know a few couples getting married over the next four months or so and it’s wonderful to see how different each of their days will likely be. It’s fantastic that these days we are free to marry however we want to. Do you go formal/traditional or completely off piste, it’s entirely up to you!


So what is wedding planning like?

I think this depends on what you want and what you are like as a person. I was laughed at (multiple times) because of my laid back approach to our wedding and saw nothing wrong with jewellery shopping having only twenty four hours to go. I genuinely didn’t see what the stress was about. But others will have everything detailed and arranged to within an inch of its life several months before the day arrives. Both are fine, they’re just different approaches!


I think it’s important to set out a budget to begin with. Then you at least know what you’re playing with, so to speak. And keep track of everything you spend. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff costs when you drop the word “wedding” into conversation with your potential providers.


We shopped locally as much as possible. For example, our florist, Gillyflower, grows all her gorgeous blooms in fields about twenty miles from our house. She picked them day the before and gave me three buckets of random, seasonal flowers to make my own bouquets and table decorations with. I loved it! It felt amazing holding flowers grown in our own county. For me, that sort of detail is more important than having immaculately identical petals. We built a relationship with our lovely florist and I felt she truly cared about our wedding by the time she came to handing over the buckets of flowers to me. Shopping locally and using smaller companies can often be financially beneficial too.

But everyone is different so you just need to think about what suits you as a person.


Our flowers:







Dress shopping doesn’t need to be at a conventional wedding dress shop. Nope, mine was from Phase Eight! I love it, it couldn’t have been more perfect. BUT if you want to have a gauge of dress styles then you can have a look at websites such as Confetti who have varying designs and fittings for you to sift through. Again, be open-minded. Your ideal dress may not be what you thought it would! If your budget is tight then have a look at some of your favourite high street shops; many are jumping on the wedding dress bandwagon and you’ll be amazed at what you can find.


Using a website like Confetti can be useful, even if you aren’t wanting anything traditional. They have fantastic real life wedding stories for inspiration, planning guides, shopping pages, how to’s and pretty much everything wedding related. I loved flicking through the site and taking in ideas. They have some really fab, quirky ideas to make your day that little bit different.



So my only suggestion when planning your ideal wedding day is to have fun, be creative and design the day that suits you as a couple. 

For example, we didn’t want to formally cut the cake so chose cupcakes instead so everyone felt they could just help themselves. And they certainly did 🙂


Wedding cakes


I’d love to hear about your wedding days…



*This is a collaborative post however all words and thoughts are my own.

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