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Whilst Jude is settling in, I’m able to take a bit of time out to think about myself for once. And whilst this sounds a bit “woe is me” I really don’t mean it like that. In reality, I don’t take care of myself as typically I don’t have time to but this is something I want to rectify as I know how important our health and wellbeing is for the whole family.


I’ve been lucky enough to receive this gorgeous range of cruelty free make up products which are available from Just my look.


It’s only over the last few years I’ve been hugely interested in make up and in truth, day to day I’d quite happily live without any at all. I generally only wear a bit of make up when I’m going out for an evening or if I have a particular function which requires me to make a bit of an effort!


Anyway, I’ve been trying all of these bits and pieces for the last week or so and can tell you that I am starting to really like them! What this truthfully means is, they are easy to use and even someone as useless with make up as me can see a difference through their usage.


Here is a breakdown of the products I received:

This eye liner goes on so easily, it feels almost fluid despite actually being a pencil. I’m terrible with eye liner normally but this feels fairly substantial even though the line it draws looks really neat. It isn’t too heavy as some liquid liners can be so is ideal for the day. Add a touch more and you have a glam evening look.




This mascara covers lightly so again, for a daytime look one coat is probably enough for most. What I like about this one is that it doesn’t clump at all and glides on smoothly, like the eye liner. Even though it covers lightly, the colour is dense enough to be visible. The bristles are spaced quite far apart which I think helps to avoid any clumping as the bristles can’t overload too much.




I’m going to tell you a secret here. I have NO idea what to do with most of these brushes (don’t laugh at me Jenny!)

Who cares?! They’re pretty and they come with this really cute material bag so I feel like a grown up just through owning them.  I haven’t used them all yet but they are incredibly soft and what I have noticed is that none of the hairs fall out like some cheaper brands, nor do they break or bunch up at all.



Finally, the face powder. It’s really light but the colour doesn’t imprint on your skin so there is no chance of looking ghost-like. I’ve never used powder like this before but it brushes on smoothly so if you are into your skin products then this is definitely a contender to try out. I have finishing powder from Bare Minerals and in terms of texture, I think I’d compare it to that one. I really like the look it gives. You can wear it under foundation or as I have been doing which is as a finisher.


You can see in this shot how soft the brush is, it’s almost therapeutic to stroke!



* This is a collaborative post however all thoughts and opinions are my own. As is now a lovely set of make up products!


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