Introducing Joe.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Joe rarely features on my blog. I do feel a slight pang of guilt about this but I don’t think he’d look as cute as Emmeline/Jude/Elsa doing some of the funny things they do.

So what do you need to know about Joe? We’re very different in many ways…Joe’s appreciation of grammar is more on the normal side whereas I can’t cope when someone uses “too” instead of “to”. He’s pretty laid back about everything yet my brain rarely switches off. Joe can sleep for Britain however, I wake up with the birds even without my alarm set.

Joe is a foody, loves cakes at an almost inhuman level and introduced me to a terrible habit of having tea and biscuits every night at about 10pm (now a firm feature in this household’s routine). Joe also loves football and bike riding which I had in mind when the lovely people at Jacamo contacted me about testing out some of their products. “Here is my chance to make it up to Joe!” I thought.

Jacamo sent us this beautiful jacket.  I’m not going to lie, I’m hugely jealous.  The Tog24 Prism Men’s Milatex 3 in 1 jacket is designed for active outdoor use and consists of two layers.


  • Outer jacket – taped seams, double storm flap, adjustable removable hood
  • Inner jacket – Interactive zip to outer jacket, breathable, wicking, anti-pill


We’re off to New York soon for a wee trip so it’s going to be tested out properly there and I’ll be sure to get lots of photos of a warm, cosy Joe for you to see how flippin amazing it is. The jacket has the water/wind proof outer jacket layer but an additional internal fleece layer that can be worn or not worn depending on how cold it is.  The fleece can also be worn on it’s own and I imagine it would be ideal for running or walking in super cold temperatures because of the breathable, anti-wick properties.

The sizings are fairly true to form, possibly generous in some ways but I guess this is going on the assumption you’ll have a jumper and t shirt underneath. Not that you need a jumper as well!


The fleece/jacket simply zip apart but the zip is covered by material so it doesn’t feel scratchy. *Joe does not have sparkly red nails, I stole his jacket momentarily!*


Once ordered, the jacket arrived within a few days so we were really happy with delivery. I’d never heard of Jacamo before but as they sell mostly men’s fashion, this is probably why. They sell branded sportswear, footwear, accessories such as cufflinks, gloves, watches and aftershave. Jacamo also has a technology department selling iPads, phones and a few laptops. It’s literally man heaven on a website. So if like me you haven’t finished Christmas shopping yet, have a look at their site and see if you are inspired. For people who really struggle with gift ideas, here is the link to their Christmas department where they have kindly broken down all their content into price/product groupings 🙂


Here’s our in-house model showing off his latest possession…

And true to it’s “active wear” name, in this picture Joe is actively pursuing the littlest child who is attempting to escape. Nice try munchkin!


It’s so warm you can literally just wear a t shirt underneath and you’re still super snug <3


The Tog24 Prism Men’s Milatex 3 in 1 jacket costs £100 from Jacamo and was sent to us in exchange for this review.

*All thoughts are our own.*


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