A new canvas from CanvasChamp

Last week, I ordered a canvas photo through CanvasChamp. I really love the look of canvas pictures on a wall plus the lazy side of me truly can’t be bothered faffing around with framing and hanging traditional photos. That’s terrible I know…


Anyway, I’ve wanted to get one photo in particular made into canvas but as usual, something as menial as this is waaaay down my “to do” list. But as if by stroke of psychic genius, CanvasChamp contacted me asking if I would like to review their service. Yes!


This is the photo I wanted canvassing. It’s just so lovely! I really think it displays their affection for one another, Elsa’s protective nature and that mischievous connection that Jude and Emmeline seem to have developed. Elsa is also in her beloved onesie which I think she barely took off for the whole of winter and early spring!


The CanvasChamp website is really simple. It leads you through each stage of designing your print. So for example, you upload your photo then you choose the size/dimensions and finally accessories your photo with coloured edges, lamination and tones.  I made some mistakes the first time round and couldn’t work out how to go back (probably me as I’m a bit technologically challenged) so I had to start again. It wasn’t a big deal though as the process is so quick, literally a few minutes and you have your photo looking at you all shiny and ready for processing.


Once ordered, I assumed the delivery would be about a week but my canvas arrived within a few days. I wasn’t at home when the package arrived (is anyone ever in?!) but I was able to suggest a safe place for it to be left by the deliverer. You always hear funny stories of parcels being left inside recycling bins and accidentally getting chucked out but thankfully, this guy stuck to the script and left it exactly where I mentioned!


On initial inspection, I felt the colours are quite faded but I’m now thinking that this may be because the photo has a lot of light shining on it, in particular across the children’s faces and I guess this doesn’t print particularly well. It’s important to choose quite boldly coloured pictures unless you don’t mind that slightly faded hue. I don’t mind it, I think it looks really lovely…so lovely in fact, I haven’t yet worked out where to hang it!


This is my canvas. Sat on the floor as I don’t know which room to hang it in!


My only critique, and it’s pretty lame considering you can’t even see it once the photo is hanging on the wall, is that the back doesn’t look great. It’s simply folded over and stapled around the edge.



Is this a big deal? Not really, especially considering their prices are absolutely amazing. A 20x30cm (8″x12″) canvassed photo of your choice costs a mere £7.19 at the moment!


So would I recommend them? Yes. Simple ordering process, fast deliver and the photo perfectly even across the canvas. Only down side, if you can call it that, is the finishing on the back.


Thank you CanvasChamp for my gorgeous photo 🙂 


*this is a sponsored post however, all words and thoughts (and children in photos) are my own.



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