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Ethical clothing

Over on Instagram last week, I displayed an image of a beautiful dress that I was sent from a lovely lady who hand-makes clothes using ethically produced and individually sourced materials. It made me realise how many small companies are out there, working morally and creating unique pieces that could literally wipe the floor with […]

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Flex TV – Social home fitness review

FLEX   So, a few days ago I talked about the angels who turn up at unexpected but entirely perfect moments when I thought I had found a great GP for Jude. Well, here we have another example of fate. Flex. They contacted me, asking if I would be interested in trying out their new exercise […]

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Mandara Spa – product review

As you all know, this year I am attempting to look after myself a little better. I have embarked on an exciting exercise plan which I’ll be telling you about next week, I’m drinking lots of water and have drastically reduced the amount of migraines I have to deal with, I’m reading more books which is […]

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Body autonomy

As Elsa turns eight this week, I have become increasingly aware that she is growing up fast (stating the obvious I know but I’m a bit dim at times.)     I wanted to know your views on something because I’m aware that I sometimes take things too seriously and go a bit mumma lioness on […]

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I’m going to go a bit deep and hippy on you all for a little bit as something has been on my mind for a couple of weeks and I’m going to do something about it after I’ve written this all down…   I have been considering Elsa a lot recently and thinking about how she […]

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I had one of those weird scenarios a couple of days ago where you read an article on a regularly frequented website  and you realise that you have been investigating exactly the same thing they have! The topic I was looking in to for Jude was yoga and the article I happened upon was on […]

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My new lipstick love

Now, I know I’m not much of a make up-y kind of gal but I’m attempting to make a bit more of an effort and have promised myself that I will buy the odd treat to help make me feel better about myself in terms of health and appearance. I ordered a lipstick from Arbonne […]

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Arbonne products

I’m not one to buy into advertising a product until I have directly used it and truly believe something has benefits to myself/my family/whoever it is aimed at. You won’t see any product reviews on my blog that have false claims or made up experiences. Same goes for adverts, I tell clients that I will only […]

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