Give it up!

So Happy Day’s Charity is going to be forming a larger part of my life over the next few months and I thought it would be cool to mention something they are working on at the moment.


Give it up! Is a campaign where the charity asks you to give up one thing as a way of raising funds and awareness for the charity. If you aren’t sure of what Happy Days do, they provide family support, respite care, day to day activities, day trips and general life experiences to children with disabilities or those living with with life limiting illnesses.


Give it up


They aren’t one of the big flashy charities providing incredible once in a lifetime holidays but this means they are able to help people in the real world, encouraging children to learn independence and socialisations skills whilst providing families a level of consistency, sanity as well as confidence that everything will be ok. They are fabulous and I’m so proud to be a part of their organisation.


So Give it up! and see what you can do for this fantastic charity.


So as it says, you can give up your daily overpriced coffee shop coffee and donate the proceedings to Happy Days or you can give up a daily habit such as watching too much rubbish tv or using your smartphone and get sponsorship for it…the options are limitless!

Personally, I need to think about what to give us as I’m not sure what would be the biggest challenge…perhaps I should try and give up whinging at the children, not sure I could do that…or maybe I should give up playing the Sims (tragic secret there). I’ll ask Joe what he thinks and get back to you.


I’m going to make Joe give up his iPhone for the day as it literally forms part of his arm and I think it would be a massive challenge for him. Elsa – she can give up watching tv because the minute her eyes ping open in the morning, it’s like a race to get downstairs and grab the tv remote before Jude gets there. Jude can give up asking for food (that’ll never happen), Emmeline…maybe we’ll let her off as she’s only 13 months old.

SO What are you giving up?? Let me know, I’d love to hear your ideas.

Click here to make a fundraising page for Happy Days.

Click here for a sponsorship form.


And remember with Happy Days, the money you raise will typically be spend on projects in your county. It’s a fantastic ethos they follow because everyone likes to see support being provided for their local area and YOU can dictate how much support reaches schools and families near you.


Happy Days photo

Please share this campaign as it’s such a simple notion yet could provide a huge amount of support for children desperately in need. Children like Jude enjoy socialising day trips with Happy Days, allowing them the chance to meet peers and form new friendships. Parents are allowed a few moments of respite and believe me, this is vital for the entire families welfare.

Anyway, please let me know what you intend to give up, I’ll write a follow up article on this topic detailing any particularly funny or unique surrenderings. A x


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