So I was thinking about Jude’s funny traits today and thought I’d write them down as no doubt in a few months he’ll have a load of new ones…

When he gets out the car, he won’t shut the door himself claiming he can’t do so. The minute you start walking towards him, he shuts the door with a bang.

Think I’ve mentioned his car window/sun shield thing but just in case: if you open your window, he has to open his. Ditto the sun shield!

He needs a plate to eat ice lollies.

Before he goes to sleep, he likes to play with building blocks in bed. He lines them up according to colour and then moves them round in some strange little code only Jude understands.

Still won’t wear socks.

I parked the car facing the house rather than reversing into the driveway yesterday and it freaked him out. All evening, he kept going to the window to look at the car in a kind of “I need to make this ok” situation.

Glasses must be hidden at all times. As in the reading glasses, sunglasses variety. He can’t stand them!

And the Doctors need to do tests to confirm his autism?!


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