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I seem to start every blog post by apologising for being such a crap blogger these days…so not wanting to buck my own trend, here goes…

Sorry, it’s taken me like forever to write another blog post! I’m truly crap at this blogging malarky. I’ll blame work again…that’s usually a reliable excuse.

And because it’s been ages since I wrote a blog post, I don’t even know what to do by way of update! SO I’ll tell you how November went and then I’ll feel as if I’m at least up to date in some capacity.

So…let’s start with the youngest:


Miss Emmeline Hero

Emmeline started rugby classes but because she’s going through a seriously clingy phase, she isn’t loving it. Well, that’s not entirely true. She thinks the games look fantastic but won’t join in as she’d rather cling to me by my neck for 90% of the weekend.

We really want to find her “her sport” but fear not…Elsa has introduced her to lacrosse which unfortunately for our living room (where she “trains her proteg√©) Emmeline loves. Clearly rugby wasn’t dangerous enough for her.

Something we still find amusing with this one. Her first ever parents evening which was at the end of October. Keeping to form, in the first half term of formal education, she has managed to bewilder her very experienced reception teacher into not even knowing what to do with her. I haven’t had any further comments or laughter since then so I’m hoping this means she’s turned into angel child.

Speak of angel, guess what she’s playing in the Nativity?! Yep, I laughed too!! I wonder if it was an ironic casting…

More positively, Emmeline is loving her reading and devours a book every evening. It’s so wonderful to hear her interpretation of scenarios and “what would you do?” circumstances. I’m determined to make a writer out of one of my children.

She’s also learnt to spell, which can be good, can be bad depending on what she’s trying to spell.


Elsa Pelsa. Took her music theory exam a few weeks ago and has her grade 5 flute in a weeks time. Needless to say she’s been a bit too laid back on the practising front and is now in panic mode. Standard pre-exam prep in this house.

Current career ambitions – either an engineer or a professional netball player. Though she would like to combine the engineering or some maths related thing with the police force…no idea if that’s even possible but it’s been a consistent dream of hers for a while now.

I had her parents evening two weeks ago which was a little different to Emmeline’s in that I had to whizz around and speak to about ten different teachers. My conclusion stands that her title of Family Dork remains pretty safe for the foreseeable future.

She did make me laugh yesterday: In a very frustrated tone on the drive home, Elsa told me that someone dared to sit in the seat she likes best in one of her classes. Can’t remember which, think it was maths. I asked where she likes to sit and she said, “front centre, every time.” HA! Sitting in the front at the centre was like a punishment in my eyes.

Love her…


Mr Jude

Jude recently moved house at school which we were all a little worried about. But in true Jude-like behaviour, he breezed across as if it was nothing major. He’s settled in well and enjoying spending time with his new house-mates.

Jude has morphed into a fully grown, massive teenager in what feels like a very short space of time. You know when Instagram shows you a photo from a year ago? I had that this week and it was of Jude and Emmeline standing together, grinning. Jude looks like such a babyface! But now…wowsers!

He’s so happy. And that’s all I care about. I often reflect on the life we used to struggle through and how desperately challenging it was for Jude in particular. He’s now a completely different individual; confident, chatty and pretty funny when he cracks the jokes. He loves to make jokes up and naturally, they never make any sense. BUT he thinks they are hilarious! It all started out with “What’s brown and sticky?”* and we’ve never looked back!


*The answer is…a stick.


So that’s kind of it really. An update for November before the tinsel descends on us all and no-one has a clue what day it is.


How has November been for your family and more importantly…where the hell did November go? It seems to be the polar opposite to January in terms of perceived length of time.¬†


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