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Below is an article which covers a topic I’m trying hard to build into our lives. We recently went through all of our household bills and managed to cut down our monthly outgoings by a couple of hundred pounds. Things are always  tight so it’s great to keep track of what goes in and out your bank account. Free things are not something I have ever tried to obtain but if it’s out there then why not!


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Essential Tips for Freebie Hunters


Nothing tastes as good a free meal and this world is obsessed with free stuff. Whether making outrageous requests for free lifetime supplies of treats from a favorite restaurant or standing in a queue 1000 people long just to grab a free Krispy Kreme doughnut, there is just no limit to what people will do for a freebie.

But, if you would like to join this game you will need some introduction. There are a few rules and guidelines that can allow you to make the most of your trips. If you have been doing this for a while than maybe you will see thing or two you didn’t know.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

The first thing to remember is how much the idea of gaining some object from a favorite brand can seriously disrupt common sense. Sami from WOW FreeStuff explains this best when he said, “There is always an upside and downside to any transaction. When you see something offered for free, it is easy to forget the downside and happily jump to the upside. The concept of “free stuff” is so exciting to the self that it makes us perceive what we are getting is actually more valuable than it really is.”


Basically it means that caution is thrown to the wind when we see the word “free” attached to an offer or promotion. And it is important to remember that free stuff is often a ploy used by unscrupulous corporations to further their own means. Always make sure the free thing you are going after sound legit (You will not be getting an iPhone 7, an all-inclusive trip to Dubai or £50,000 for nothing any time soon) and be sure to look over that fine print in the Terms & Conditions section before going ahead with your plans.


Don’t feel guilty

Don’t feel bad about grabbing some frees stuff; these big corporations are really not losing anything by ordering a few or a few thousand extra products they can pass on to their favourite customers. As a matter of fact, they are benefitting more than you can possible imagine. A new customer is far more valuable than the free item they are passing out. And if people try the product and like it — and got it as a courtesy from the company in question — they are likely to favour this brand in the future.


If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

It is always worth the effort to send out as many letters and emails requesting free samples from bug companies known for doing this. There are innumerable accounts of happy customers receiving huge amounts of products in the mail just for writing a company and telling them how much you are enjoying their products.

The same has also been true for those who have taken the time to write a positive criticism. You will see that most customer conscious companies will only be too happy to ship out a replacement or free sample of additional products as a courtesy to their valued customers.


Don’t expect too much.

Most of the free product variety of merchandise comes in a fairly small presentation. You can’t expect the fun or family sized packages for nothing but if you play smart this is all you need. The most important thing to do is to research what you are going after to see if you would even be interested in this for a future purchase. It would be a shame to fork over good cash for something you don’t even like.  Furthermore, don’t expect the kind of luck that brings freebies with every request you send out. Even if you apply for every free product campaign in action now you will likely only benefit from about 70% of them.

Finally, read those T’s & C’s to make sure these offers are actually worth your time.


Set up a second email address

To avoid getting your email inbox or social media streams coated in a thick layer of spam mail and ads, set up a second email account to handle this campaign. You will need to sign up for email campaigns, phone lists and more so you want to limit this correspondence.



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