Summer holiday lessons so far…

Usual apologies for not writing for so long…I write all day (and night) for work so it’s hard to find the time each week to do anything of worth for Living with a Jude. Believe me, we’re very much living with a Jude so there is lots to think about day to day.

But here are some of the things I’ve learnt so far this summer holiday…


  • Jude’s potential for funny habits knows no bounds

Still of the flicky paper loving kind, Jude has sort of reverted back to his fascination with wobbly things this week. Yes it is as odd as it sounds. Jude used to push a buggy around the garden, laden with crap he found laying around…old buckets, random toys, etc. anything that would stack up and then wobble around as he bumped across the grass. He also likes to walk around with a pile of books resting on his arms and then every so often give them a little jolt so they move. It’s hilarious to see! His latest love, which I showed a picture of on Instagram, is the cooking timer that came with Emmeline’s pretend kitchen. He winds it up, tilts his head whilst watching the hand tick noisily round and then jumps out of his skin when the (incredibly load) ringer sounds! He thinks it’s so funny. So yes…who knows what will be next on his list of funny habits.


  • Elsa is a grown up in a nine year olds body

I took her to the airport yesterday as she’s spending a week with our amazing friends in New York. It was like I was dropping her off at the bus stop, she was so cool about the whole thing. I nearly cried when I left her but she barely gave me a backwards glance. Cheers love. Her chaperone was so nice and they chatted happily, wandering through passport control as her blubbering old mum stared doe-eyed into the back of her head. Nothing. Ok I got a cuddle but meh, she was going to New York. Bysie bye mum!


  • Jude and Emmeline can never be looked after together by one childminderĀ 

The trouble those two concoct is quite amazing. But this leads me onto my next point…


  • Emmeline is NAUGHTY

I love her very much but not only is she naughty, she doesn’t give a hoot about rules or consequences. Today, she excelled even her own standards but my god, we are in trouble with this one. She fully admitted to me today, whilst I chastised her for wiping smoothie all over Jude’s window (seriously!!) that she liked being naughty…help. Literally, help.


  • Working from home with the kids around is a nightmare

I know this isn’t amazingly informative but I’ve never worked from home like this before. You know, with people actually expecting stuff of you. I seem to work all the time now as a consequence. Evenings to make up for the lack of hours I can do some days, weekends to make up for the weeks. I absolutely love my job but it’s completely taking over my life this summer holiday!


  • Jude will only leave the house if we are going to either Granny and Grandad’s house of the allotment to pick blackberries

I’m never getting out again…


  • Finding Support Workers for Jude is HARD

We had a lovely girl spend the day with Jude but then sadly she was ill for the next two days (it was a 3 day agreement). I’m hoping she will want to spend more time with Jude and the girls after the holidays as they all really like her which is fab. But I had two days of slight nightmare with work/three kids. Thankfully, my parents and Joe helped hugely so we survived that hiccup. Another girl is meant to be spending a few days next week and the week after with Jude (with the aim of being another string in his Support Work bow) but she’s disappeared off the face of this earth. I messaged her a week ago but nothing. I’m not chasing her anymore as I just think that if it’s this much effort, she really isn’t going to put in the work with him. His gorgeous long term Support Worker ditched us for another job. Ok joking, she took on an incredible job working with care children and naturally couldn’t fit our hours in too. I totally agree with her decision but it’s so sad because she was possibly the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. So so kind and caring. I guess that’s why she’s in that line of work. We still meet up which is lovely so at least she’s part of Jude’s life that way. I don’t ever want to lose her from Jude’s little web of life and I feel like I’ve gained an awesome friend. So yes, when the council say they will give you funding towards a Support Worker, you initially jump for joy but then have the hard task of finding someone to take on the role. I’m actually going to write a whole post on finding a Support Worker because it’s a huge topic and something I could waffle on about for ages.


I’ll stop there for now. But I’m sure there will be lots more lessons this summer holiday…I’ll update you in another weeks time if I haven’t run away with the circus.


How has your summer holidays been so far?

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