Some of my favourite things

I’ve been tagged by my friend Patricia from White Camellia’s (check out her beautiful photography!) to list and explain five of my favourite things from any aspect of life. It was really hard to narrow it down but here are the first five I came up with (I then thought of another few but am sticking to the rules!)


First and foremost…

  • My allotment!

    I know, I know. Bit tragic but I love it so much. It’s therapeutic, relaxing and a complete sanctuary that I would love to visit more than I’m able to at present. I took it on initially because I wanted the children to see where our food comes from. I wanted them to have that grubby, mud-filled childhood I think I experienced. I have so many memories of playing in the garden, bare-foot and making up games or wandering around the woods next to my Granny’s house. Always outdoors. I loved it. All three of my children¬†are used to going to the allotment now, Elsa in particular loves going down there with the wheelbarrow or a few tools to dig up some spuds or perhaps see how her beloved corn is doing. I’m so pleased we have it; it’s such fun working out where to position everything and how to make our plot as beautiful as possible ūüôā

This was at the start of the summer


Jude getting some water for the plants. He helps when he feels like it.



  • My dungarees!

    When I’m wearing them, Joe takes every opportunity he can to¬†ask me if I’m heading down to the¬†farm. Muppet. I love them. They are so comfy and I think they suit my immature sense of mind.


  • My books

    Novels, picture books, diaries, atlases. Anything that’s a book. I love them, they give me that sense of inner comfort that no technology is capable of. My favourite author is Penny Vincenzi but there are so many stories that have stuck with me in one way or another. I read a novel ages ago called No and Me and its something I return to when I want something familiar and comforting; it’s such a unique, wonderful book for which¬†nothing seems to compare.




  • Photos.

    I have tons from years ago but hardly any from more recent times because it’s too much effort to get them developed so I just leave them on my phone. One of my favourites is this picture of me when I was thirteen. I played a lot of tennis in my youth and it’s only now that I’m old, unfit, creeking and incapable that I realise how strong¬†I was and how amazing I was at tennis! I would train for hours every day…county training, club training, play with friends, practise on my own. Ahhh I loved it but my shyness and serious lack of confidence pulled me back. I wish I’d been a confident child as I would have been such a brilliant player.



  • This jumper

    I was given it (ok I stole it) from a very good friend who I’ve known all my life. He lived with us during his university years (holiday times and weekends really) and he taught me how to rebel. ¬†He was a typical student – just slept and ate and stayed up all night; I’d often get back from school and have to wake him us as he’d been asleep ALL day. ¬†Anyway, here is the jumper back then…


And here it is now! Yes, I still have it Sean and it still doesn’t fit me.

So there we have five of my favourite things. What do you think? Can you think of your five favourite things?

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