So I tried Life Coaching and here is what I thought…

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I was approached by a Life Coach and asked if I’d like to try a few sessions via Skye, just to see how it goes. Margaret, a self-proclaimed “Life Coach extraordinaire for Women on a Mission” must have had a psychic moment because it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while but (as usual with me…and perhaps why I need life coaching) I hadn’t got around to it. Story of my life!


What is life coaching?

Something still scoffed at by many but definitely a profession that is well needed within our increasingly swamped lives. There are several explanations for what a Life Coach really does but for me, the main notion of the role encircles three things – guidance, empowerment and encouragement. You see a life coach when you are possibly low in confidence, unsure what to do with your life, when you feel lost or just generally need someone to look at your world from the outside in. They offer clarity. Life coaches can be quite directive and give suggestions and requests for you to complete tasks during the week whereas some take a very hands off approach, leaving you to make all the decisions. I couldn’t cope with this latter type of Life Coach and thankfully for me, Margaret was very directive and clearly took the cues that I had not one iota of an idea of what to do with myself!


My expectations

I expected the sessions to be uncomfortable. I don’t like delving into the problems of my life because I don’t have time for that (!) and then you’re just faced with awkward questions. But these questions are sometimes the only way to move forward in a productive and positive way.

I was excited to start my sessions. I could see the huge gains to be had in my life as from the inside, everything was slowing becoming unmanageable.

I wasn’t sure I’d buy into the whole thing, if I’m honest. Pah, I’m fine! is my general approach to life…


How did it go?

I had three Skype based sessions with Margaret and I thoroughly looked forward to each one. Like the dork I kind of am, I kept in mind the little tasks Margaret set for me after each meeting and reflected on them in some way every day. They weren’t huge tasks but very mindful ones that shifted my thoughts in some way. Perhaps a question for me to consider or an app to get on my phone to help with something or other. But whilst they weren’t big things, they were all useful and ones that got me thinking. Sometimes “big” steps can be too much and would cause someone (like me!) to shut down and run away from the scenario. Baby steps all the way.

Each session is an hour long however, I’m sure we ran over a couple of times because we were mid-conversation.

I really feel that I’ve gained from our time together. Through just a few short hours, Margaret has help me see aspects of my life in a very different way. She’s managed to get me to remember what matters and to have some sort of clarity of mind. I think. I feel I’m more mindful and considerate of MY needs as well as those of everyone around me. She’s got a talent, that’s for sure.

Margaret was fantastic. We got on immediately and I warmed to her approach straight away. She never made me feel stupid for getting into bad situations and I felt I could tell her anything. Margaret offered clarity and a variety of solutions to consider so we could talk about everything and work out which was best for me. Most importantly, I felt she very much read my needs and knew when I really needed her to voice an opinion. I’m crap at making decisions and for me, I need a Life Coach to pretty much do that for me!

I can’t recommend Margaret enough.


If you think Life Coaching could help you then give her a call.

Click Be You Braver to see her website or find her on Facebook/Twitter/Insta – @beyoubraver

Email – or fill in her contact form.


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