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You know when you can’t be bothered to do go out or really do anything at all and you have crazy delusions that it will all be ok, the children won’t be bored hanging out around the house; they can climb trees, tidy their rooms, read books and do jigsaws together? Well, I had one of those mental thoughts on Thursday. Thankfully the weather was on my side so we spent a large portion of the day outside which was all lovely but as the day wore on, Jude and Elsa got ratty towards each other but then something strange happened. It was like their utter tedium of the day brought them together and they ended up watching a film together and SHARING the iPad. This is a miracle for two reasons. Firstly, they were able to sit on a couch together without one or the other yelling “MUUUMMM JUDE’S/ELSA’S FEET ARE TOUCHING ME” or “MUUUMMM JUDE’S ANNOYING ME.” Secondly, Jude never sits long enough for a while film so either he’s coming down with something or he genuinely enjoyed the Croods!


Jude being the repetitive little joy that he is, is still going on about trick or treating. Is it Halloween yet mummy? reverberates around our walls at least five or six times a day and just in case my answer turned out to be a yes, Jude had his sweet bucket all ready for action for the duration of the film. Funnily enough, the day before, Jude mentioned to me that I need to dress up for Halloween this year. I said that’s fine, I’m happy to dress up but what should I be? His answer was a tiger. Jude wants Elsa to be a lion, Emmeline to be a cat, himself to be a dragon and Joe to be a duck(!) What a scary selection of characters we’ll be! So if anyone plans this far ahead and wants a good laugh at some fools dressed as random animals for Halloween, head on down our road.


Whilst we were in the garden in the afternoon, Jude decided it was time to go in so he spent a good ten minutes lining up his vehicles along the pathway. My dad had come around to visit so we stood back and watched as it’s just incredible to see what he does and the painstaking effort he appears to put into his movements. Jude goes completely into himself, to the point where you can call his name and he doesn’t hear you. The look of concentration is amazing. I’m sad I did’t get a picture of it but my phone was inside and I didn’t want to move and interrupt his actions. Anyway, once they were in his ideal line up, he walked passed them all and one by one knocked them onto their sides. It’s hilarious! Jude can’t go into the house unless his bikes and cars are on their side, it’s just bizarre. Look at this picture!!


Another new quirk of his is to put all his reading books on his bedroom window ledge and then make sure they’re all lined up perfectly (whatever perfectly means to him.) I walked into his room yesterday afternoon and he was sitting in front of all his books looking thoroughly content with himself.


I’m so glad he’s loving reading again though despite the fact he asks me to read the same two books every evening eeeekkkk Emily Brown and the Thing and the Gruffalo. Reading is massively important and something not done thoroughly enough in traditional gyms. It’s one of my few opportunities to give him a hug and just chill at the end of an inevitably long day. Jude isn’t very affectionate and in bed, reading a book is the only time he’ll let me put my arm around him so we relax together.



So overall another slightly nutty but thankfully lovely day 🙂


A x


Quite Frankly She Said Sunday Best


  • MUd Cakes and Wine on

    My little boy has ASD and we are always amazed by the neat lining up and he does the books on the window sill too. He is just learning to read and like you other than playing roblox we get to sit together #sundaybest

    • admin on

      It’s funny isn’t it? Jude even laughs at some of his quirky ways.
      He can’t read at the moment but has learnt most of his letters and we are slowly teaching him word recognition rather than traditional reading with phonics.

  • Soppymum on

    Sounds like a perfect day. Glad you had some good family time xz #sundaybest

  • jeremy@thirstydaddy on

    Mine is already excited about Halloween too. Glad I’m not the only one #sundaybest

    • admin on

      Halloween! Have you been designated costumes yet? Jude says I have to dress up as a tiger…not sure he entirely understands this particular holiday.

  • Emma Plus Three on

    Oh my goodness, my son is always going on about Halloween too! He is obsessed x #sundaybest

    • admin on

      How funny is that? Perhaps it’s because the concept of Halloween is so abstract. Jude’s motivation is entirely about the sweets he can eat…

  • Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid on

    Oh bless him so excited already. They are great ideas for costumes though, I’d love to see if you decide to go with them! Thanks for sharing with #SundayBest x

    • admin on

      Haha yes, can you imagine how ridiculous we’ll look walking down the street? Joe isn’t impressed with getting the duck costume. A x

  • Hayley McLean on

    Oh that sounds very much like our day today! Sharing the ipad is always an interesting experience isnt it! Thanks for joining us at #SundayBest, hope to see you again this week! x

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