New recycled shoes by Funky Kalakar


I’m such a lucky girl. Because of my love of all things recycled and eco friendly, I was sent these fantastic Kalie SneakONS shoes by Funky Kalakar.

They are super comfy and cover off so many wonderful criteria…

They are:

  •  100% handmade.
  • certified Vegan.
  • made from upcycling rubber from scrap tyres, making the soles slip free.
  • formed using Handloom Cotton.
  • breathable! With a cotton lining inside and bottom.
  • made with upcycled soft cushion EVA padding on the bottom for day long comfort.
  • shipped with reusable cotton tote bag.


I love them. And because I’m super lazy at choosing clothes, I love them even more because they go with virtually everything.





Funky Kalakar is as ethical a brand as you will ever find. What I find particularly wonderful about their work is their commitment to employ artists who are not necessarily living in advantageous situations and who are very much at the root of their career ladder. Those people who show amazing talent but don’t have the named background to catapult them into every gig going.  It means that they are given the respect they deserve as fantastic creators and are presented with the possibility to expand into the artistic design world. Basically they’re given a break. And everyone needs a break sometimes 🙂




Funky Kalakar produce their shoes within the remit of sustainability. They appreciate the fact that our planet is struggling with energy sources and material products and have no desire to add to this situation by further exploiting inefficient practices.

Amazingly, they have managed to create a recycled rubber (from car tires!) sole for their shoes which in turn minimises the scrap tire mountains that are accumulating in landfill sites. Their fabrics are selected from surplus supplies and amazingly, anything they don’t use is then turned into indoor board games! Nothing goes to waste.

Their website is fascinating to read, full of information, news articles and sustainable articles. It’s really motivating to use more and more recycled and reusable products.


What I love about these shoes is their uniqueness. I’ve had so many comments on them already because they look so different to high street bough shoes. They’re super comfortable and easy to wear.


The various colour pattern options they provide are beautiful and unusual in design – go have a look at their website and see which you’d like to try. I can’t recommend them enough and am already eyeing up a few other pairs for over the summer. I know we’ll be doing a lot of walking during the holidays so I need to treat my feet as much as I can.




*Funky Kalakar gave me these shoes as a gift in exchange for a review write up. All thoughts, comments and pretty tiled flooring are my own.




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