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I was contacted a few weeks ago by a lovely lady asking if I’d like some personalised t shirts for the children. Weirdly, I’d actually seen her website that same week and had spent ages testing out all the options for t shirt design using the online customising tools, so I was really excited that she thought me and my wee blog were worthy of advertising her products.


So how did it all begin…

Well, over a year ago, a very talented designer with a skill for creativity had a daughter who wanted to find gifts for her friends that were a little bit special. This little girl designed a hoodie with a face on the front that looked like her and that even adorned a chic bobbed hair do exactly like hers. She added each of her friends names below the face for the extra touch of individuality. Following a stream of requests for similar hoodies and t shirts, Love Millie was formed and modified so that people can now design and order a t shirt or hoodie (or accessory) to look like themselves or a friend with a name stamped below.


It’s actually really good fun just testing out all the possible options for a design. You can choose hair style and colour, facial expression, you can add little touches such as glasses of hair bows and then of course, add your name or nickname below. It’s such a simple design but incredibly special at the same time.


When I showed Elsa her and her brother and sisters t shirts, she literally shrieked with laughter because she thought they were so cool. Emmeline kept looking down at her smiley face and pointing at her name and even Jude smiled with joy when I showed him his t shirt. To receive a personalised gift is amazing and because these are sent out pretty quickly, you won’t have to plan way in advance to get your orders in.


The cotton is incredibly soft and the colours marked on well. Stupidly, I chose a white t shirt for Emmeline and within an hour or wearing it she had dribbled strawberries all down the front. Thankfully, it washes well and now there is no sign of the stain.


The hair is made of felt and stuck on to add another level of texture. I’m really impressed with the quality and I have to say I can totally believe this quote from the Love Millie website:

“We know children love to play and need good quality, hard-wearing clothing to withstand their fun and games. All our products are of the highest quality, built to last, and individually quality checked before being sent for delivery.”


If you are buying for a baby then you can customise a babygro (£16) or a bib (£12) instead of the t shirts/hoodies. And if clothing isn’t what you’re looking for then you can also consider from the accessories selection which currently includes caps, bags, backpacks and even a water bottle.


T shirts and hoodies start at aged 3-4 which is only just a little bit too big for Emmeline. You can see in these pictures that it’s a little large on her (She’s two this month) but it hasn’t stopped her wearing it to gymnastics and to play out in the garden.








Elsa is wearing aged 9-11 and Jude has aged 12-14.



I’d say order up if anything. Elsa is eight years old but habitually wearing aged nine clothes at the moment. Similarly Jude is typically in aged eleven to twelve clothing and his t shirt was marginally too big so I suppose they’re pretty true to size. Again, his t shirt doesn’t look silly and if anything, he’s pretty skinny so most things look baggy on him!


I got Jude the bright green because with his gorgeously olive skin, he can get away with pretty much any bright shade he likes <3


I genuinely love this product and will certainly be ordering gifts for the children’s friends in the future.


Prizes range from £10, with t shirts costing £18 and hoodies £26.




*Love Millie provided me with the above t shirts for the children as payment for this review.



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