Living with a Jude



I’ve been working on something fab for a while now but wanted to show you in advance before it properly comes to a head in August…


I wrote a book!

It’s not a long book, more like a tester, a waving hand at the world in an attempt to show people that living with a disabled child can be some families version of “normal.” If people like it, I have plans to write more…longer books with more specific content. We’ll see. But this one gives a general over view of topics such as nutrition, who Jude is, autism and it’s manifestations, society and disability policy, socialisation, school and education and finally there are a few interviews with family members. Oh and one with Jude. It basically follows the same train of thought as my blog…ramblings about experiences, encounters, funny bits, random bits…you know the pattern.


Today, it became an awful lot more real as I have been given a space in the Guardian online bookstore. When speaking to the marketing genius at my publishers yesterday, I mentioned a long term dream of mine to feature in some way in my favourite newspaper. Literally a day later and she sends me a link to my little piece of Guardian-ness!!! I’m so excited. I could quite happily sell no editions all for that one bit of advertising. Click here to see what I’m on about.


It comes out in August but can be pre-ordered through the Guardian and Amazon. OR if you go into a book store then you can request a copy using my own, sparkly new ISBN number – 9781912083954.


Joking aside, I’m pretty proud of it.  I think it captures everything accurately plus there are tons of pictures throughout as I think with a book like this, images are as important as words.


So there we have it. Please buy my book 🙂 I’ll love you forever.



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