Jude’s Packed Lunches

Food and nutrition is always a big interest for me and in particular, I have an unnaturally ardent obsession with what people put inside packed lunch boxes for their children. I have touched on nutrition recently, in particular the possible vitamin deficiencies in learning disabled and autistic children (which I will write more about that tomorrow) however, today I want to focus on the simplistic subject of WHAT’S IN YOUR PACKED LUNCH BOX THIS WEEK?!


As I’ve mentioned before, Jude doesn’t like a lot of fancy foods and could quite happily eat a big bowl of plain pasta with a can of butter beans (I’ve regularly mentioned his adoration of anything “bean” and amusingly, this appreciation rumbles on). Saying that, he isn’t entirely bland in his preferences; when he was a toddler he and my mother would quite easily polish off a bowl of bombay mix together which I always found pretty amusing because of how spicy it can be.



I’m going to post Jude’s lunch each day on Instagram as much for my reference as for your interest! I would love to hear your thoughts on it or just comparisons to what you make your children. It’s always so hard to know whether you have given them enough lunch/too little, especially with a child like Jude as he can’t really express this verbally and would always opt for the “more please” option if available so I’ll find it really interesting to see what you all create.


Here is a video, rather than reading my usual babbling…




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Have a fab Monday xx




  • Accidental Hipster Mum on

    My daughter is currently in love with ham and cucumber sandwiches and has had them every day for three weeks! She’s pretty faddy but I dread giving her something she’ll leave then be left hungry all day!

  • Two Tiny Hands (@IsntitprettyKTB) on

    I went over to follow you on Instagram. Im not on there daily but I like the idea of posting your lunch each day. Hopefully Jude is enjoying the variety. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun, hope to see you next week

  • tammymum on

    Oh I dread the day I have to do pack lunches I find it such s struggle to get good food down my children well my girl anyway. I love that you give him hot food or pasta it’s a long way from the Ham sandwich snd bag of crisps I used to get! Thanks so much for making it to #familyfun. Hope you can come back next week xx

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