“I choose chocolate cake”

So Jude has been saying a few funny things recently but the one that makes me laugh the most is when you ask him a question, he always replies “I choose yes” or “I choose orange juice” depending on the question (obviously). At school they have been trying to encourage him to think for himself and make his own decisions about what he does, what he eats, where he sits, etc. which is totally fab. What is also fab is that Jude told me last week that he wanted to have school dinners for a change, so today he had his first one and apparently loved making choices about what to eat. He even liked carrying his own tray. It has made me realise that Jude has a much greater understanding of the world than I often give him credit for and actually, this last week I have seen a big change in his attitude. He’s still a complete pain in the butt but he’s been talking a lot more, asking questions and running around like a nutter slightly less (only slightly). But it is progress!

This also made me reflect back on my university dissertation where I researched inclusion within mainstream school and it brought up discussions around whether it is the individual who is disabled or society that disables them. I found a really cool article on giving disabled people more of a voice in society and how the medical model of disability has always hindered interaction but I can’t find it!!! So annoying…I’ll keep searching.

www.scope.org.uk/about-us/our-brand/social-model-of-disability is also a good read with extra links about social construction of disability.

But anyway, yes…more choices for Jude from now on.

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