Holiday is almost over…

So we’re currently on holiday and I have to say, it’s been pretty fab so far.  The weather is incredible, I’m in a part of the world that can only be described as Alice-Heaven and everything at home is running smoothly.


It’s pretty strange not having Jude here. Really strange actually. But I’m so pleased he’s having a great time with Granny and Grandad as it’s allowed me the opportunity to relax, not worry about him or any of his school related crap and just try to rejuvenate my weary nerves that have been shot to pieces over the last however many years.  I am in constant contact with home so know almost every of Jude’s waking movements but I think that’s helping me to feel at ease.  Dad sent me this yesterday so I know all is well in the mind of the boy:


I do miss Jude. Never thought I’d say those words but I do. It feels weird not being with him and not making decisions for him but I know he has the next best thing back at home and deep down I understand that I needed a decent break and this has very much been that.


The girls are having a wonderful time here. Our house is amazing, they are playing so well together however Emmeline is behaving like a bit of a nutter to be honest; she’s so excited about everything which is hilarious to see but MY GOD is she exhausting. Bedtimes aren’t great but she’s managed to manipulate the situation so one of us (she usually requests Joe heehee) sits and holds her hand whilst she goes to sleep. What suckers we are…


I don’t think I realised how much I needed this break until I got here. It’s a surreal feeling to relax when you are teetering on the brink of insanity. I’ve had this completely odd feeling since I stepped into the sanctuary that is our holiday home garden; its ‘s if a heavy weight is pushing down on my shoulders. An actual physical feeling. I think this feeling is de-stressing. I feel almost dizzy with the lack of stress flowing around my body…is this good or bad? Sunshine before the storm? Who knows.


But in the meantime, I’m going to continue talking to lovely French people, drinking lots of rose, laughing at the lack of food I can eat even in supermarkets and spend as much time in the sunshine as I can.


Here are a few of my snaps so far…







Emmeline discovered the joy of watching cartoons on an iPad!


Lack of tv has led to us playing board games. Elsa adores Boggle but is absolutely useless at it!



Emmeline’s beloved cap!



Our garden path!


Meandering through our grounds.



The garden totals 3 hectares. It’s amazing.



Elsa just can’t help herself…


I know I’m a bit of an allotment geek but the lady who owns this house is growing some seriously incredible stuff! Below are one of the varieties of tomato plus a baby aubergine.




The littlest of the veg gardens.


Our lavender pathway…


Our kitchen is enormous!




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