Golf date

So hilariously, Jude went off to play mini golf last night with Jade and one other boy who was a few years older and he had a great time! I wish I was a fly on the wall because Jade reported back how chatty and social Jude was and I’d really love to see this. Apparently, he was asking the other boy questions, offered him one of his crisps (sharing food!) and then, when they were leaving the golf place, told him he liked him. How cute is that?! And weirdly, when he got home I saw a big difference in his behaviour. He was almost like a normal 10 year old…told me he was hungry and that he was going to play in his room. Awesome. So three cheers for Jade and cue me for demanding more hours from the council for Jude to spend with the Jubilee House crew…

For some reason, Facebook wouldn’t connect with this blog last week so please scroll down (or whoever it is) to see my previous post about the council law firm. Not directly Jude related but still very important.

Have a great weekend x

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