Following Manchester…

I was going to write something about a totally unimportant issue but following the news in Manchester, I feel I need to express my views.


I was in Manchester two days ago for a blogging conference and had an absolutely amazing time. Obviously, it was a very serious event with lots of speakers (chatting), a working lunch (sandwiches, wine and cake), and professionally manned stalls (I failed to pick a winning envelope from a bucket despite two attempts). But overall, it was a great experience meeting my friends (see below), connecting up with organisations and just feeling part of something fantastic.




Manchester is a wonderful city and the couple of times I’ve been there, I’ve always encountered really friendly, happy to chat to anyone locals.  I’m so so sad that someone has targeted a bunch of teenagers (because let’s face it, who else typically goes to an Ariana Grande performance?) but realise people that do this sort of thing are going for maximum impact. They want to get their fame and notoriety within the community they think they’re a part of. They’re not though. They’re just a moron that is attempting to associate themselves with something because they have a sad little vacuous life, probably experienced entirely from behind a computer screen.


I was listening to my favourite radio station this morning and they were having a discussion on last nights attack. Immediately (and predictably) a guy called in claiming the blame lies with our government for not sufficiently securing our borders. Instantly, my eyes rolled. Are these people serious?! Can they not see beyond the dramatised, idiocy of most of our “popular” newspapers? The radio presenter immediately pulled him up by pointing out that many recent attacks have been undertaken by British people themselves. So what did this guy reply with? Another predictable…”well, mosques should be doing more to speak out” crappy response. *eyes roll again.* Presenter pointed out that most people who do things like this aren’t part of a mosque, they are individual losers sitting at a computer looking up how to make bombs, dreaming of being part of something big because their lives are so pathetic they can’t focus on anything more real. Caller comes back with the final predictable response…as a parent (terrifying thought), if he saw his child looking up information like this then he’d personally march them to the police station and hand them in. Well done you. And when your “child” is a grown adult you’ll still monitor his computer access? No, didn’t think so.


Here’s a box full of what you are spoon-fed on a daily basis. Sometimes it helps to look around that box for additional thoughts and ideas…


From what I have read, people who turn to this kind of act are seeking power and influence. They are typically rejected from many social groups and feel hard done by from life. Narcissistic behaviour involves a desire for attention, a sense of entitlement and a willingness to do anything to get the grandiosity they believe they deserve. A narcissist doesn’t care about others, they are desperately in need of admiration and therefore lack empathy; just look at the displays of arrogance from some of our most prolific, high profile criminals. Narcissists can be very fragile and therefore any damage to their ego can lead to outbursts of rage brought on by what they perceive as humiliation. To get back the power and status they think they had prior to any insult to their authority, they will do anything they feel is necessary, disregarding reality or anyone around them.


I read about a thirty year study on aggression (see Guardian link below) that showed the most harmful belief a person can have is that they are more important than others. Narcissists obsess over the personal success and special treatment they think they deserve and therefore develop a very warped view of how to gain this accolade. And as mentioned above, if they don’t feel they are getting the attention they think they should be then the outcome can be aggression and violence and in this case, possibly in the most extreme.


These are entirely my views on why someone could have done what they did in Manchester.

I’m not jumping on any bandwagons. Please take these thoughts as my own. In my eyes, he is just a disgusting moron with too much time on his hands and if we don’t give him the notoriety he desires then he hasn’t won.



My over-riding thought for today is with the poor people involved; I can’t even imagine how terrifying it must have been in that arena. I desperately hope the mortality rate does not increase and all of those still injured get better again soon and are able to move on with their life without fear; what a horrendous end to a night. The general public supporting the police and ambulance services are wonderful. I saw a story this morning of people going out in the cars to give people a lift to where they need to be and of spare rooms being offered to those stranded without a bed for the night and it is these people we should shine the light on. Humanity at its best <3



From the Guardian – Narcissism and Terrorism article.






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