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So, a few days ago I talked about the angels who turn up at unexpected but entirely perfect moments when I thought I had found a great GP for Jude. Well, here we have another example of fate. Flex. They contacted me, asking if I would be interested in trying out their new exercise method that is specifically targeted at individuals like me who want to get fit but really haven’t got the time to attend group sessions or the gym.


And I know people say that you can always find time but trust me, I’m on call 24/7 in this house.


So what is Flex?

It’s really cool actually. You can look up different types of classes such as yoga, HIIT, barre, pre/post-natal, strength, dance…to name but a few and then check the time table to see when your class is next running. It’s like having a gym exercise schedule running through your laptop! So if a class starts at 2pm, you can sign into it (literally a click of a button) a few minutes before then and off you go. It doesn’t wait for you, you have to turn up just like you would a real life class.


What I really like about this is that the classes are run by every day fitness trainers so if you like one in particular then you can look out for his or her sessions and log them into your personal time table. You have a reminder sent that your class is about to start so there’s no excuse to forget. It’s great!!



Having just had a knee operation, I obviously haven’t done a class this week however I have been attempting to fit a few in around work/children/life and they have been great fun and pretty tough. You can choose the level you go at and because you’re at home, you don’t feel like a moron if you can’t do some of the moves. Don’t tell anyone but I missed out a round in my last HIIT class because I thought I was going to die.


Anyway, I genuinely love it and intend to start up the HIIT and yoga sessions that have become fairly habitual in my week. It’s like having a child again, you slowly work out which sessions suit your routine and they seem to just fit into your week. I’ve missed the gym and any formal exercise so for me this has been a great replacement. I intend to start running again once my knee allows it so running plus a couple of Flex sessions a week will be amazing.


Even more exciting, is that you can apply for one to one coaching. I’ve just clicked on the application for this so now I have that mixed emotion of dread…are they going to hurt me? And intrigue as to how an online exercise format can give me such a service. I will report back…





If you don’t like the idea of exercising alone in your living room then you can connect up with friends on Facebook and make sure you’re doing the classes at the same time. There is a little chat forum underneath the video display so you can chat about how it went (or how it’s going if you’re having a titchy breather). I haven’t tried this out as I don’t really mind working out alone, in fact I think I prefer it but perhaps I’ll invite someone along via Facebook purely in the name of research. Could be interesting.


Each class has timings detailed underneath so you can pick your sessions to fit around your busy day. I think this is a great addition as I often don’t have very long on a Tuesday to work out but can easily fit a quick 25 minute HIIT class in before collecting Emmeline from nursery. If you have longer (or you’re fitter) then there are hour versions, forty five minutes, etc. Basically, a huge variety in each type of exercise class available.


Basically, if you sign up to Flex then there is NO excuse not to exercise. If I can fit it in amongst my long days (and partial nights) with Emmeline, Jude’s melt downs and Elsa’s insane social and activity life then anyone can. It’s only £4.99 a month and you have unlimited access to classes.




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