First wedding anniversary gifts

It’s our wedding anniversary!! So what do people buy for first wedding anniversary gifts?


It’s hard to believe that an entire year has gone by since Joe and I got married. We had an awesome day. Very relaxed, just a few friends and family at our gorgeous, local registry office followed by a bbq garden party in a country pub. We were blessed with perfect weather and everyone had a wonderful time.


Fast forward a year (minus two days) and I’m having to explain to Joe that the first wedding anniversary is represented with paper. “Paper?”  Indeed. Each year is titled with a material representation and the first is paper! So what can you buy your other half as a fantastic gift that is made of paper? Or do you buck the trend and just buy the diamonds anyway…*hint hint*


I’ve asked a bunch of people for ideas of what they bought their partners as a first wedding anniversary. Here are a few of the answers:


  • Concert tickets to their favourite artist or to a sporting event.


  • A framed print of the lyrics to your first dance (how cute!)


  • Any good at origami? One suggestion was origami hearts that she made out of a dollar bill from their honeymoon.


  • My favourite…and no doubt representing the level of effort I know Joe will have gone to for my gift. From the clearly very lovely Ross…“I bought my wife paper versions of the flowers that we had on our wedding in a paper made vase from a book (on Etsy) Then a handwritten letter on paper (obvs) and all wrapped in…well, paper. Put it all in a paper bag and there we go.” He’s already planning ahead for his next wedding anniversary which is cotton.


  • More likely to be Joe’s level of effort…one husband bought his wife a toilet roll.


  • Another amazing suggestion came from a lady who’s husband bought her a paper rose made from a page of her favourite book. It also contained the co-ordinates of their wedding venue. So romantic!


  • How about a scrap book? All filled with stuff from the first year of marriage…baby scan photos, tickets and photos, etc. I love that idea. Or just a personalised book with notes, thoughts, pictures and fun things that remind you of your first year of marriage.


  • Framed paper hearts and song lyrics was suggested several times. Always a very personal and romantic option.



Or if you really want to buy jewellery (hint hint) then there are these super cute paper plane necklaces



But what have I bought for Joe?






From Modern Map Art, this is a poster print of the star alignment from the night of our wedding! By filling in their simple online form, I was able to choose colours, fonts, location, layout, etc. I framed it myself but the poster arrived in a solid, cylindrical tube so there was no worry of it bending or creasing. I really love it. The paper card that it’s printed on is nice and robust and the printing very clear and solid.


Their method is pretty cool. By using astronomical software they can generate true to life night skies from particular times and places. It basically looks exactly as it would have done on the night of and location of, our wedding.

It’s made of paper so the perfect first wedding anniversary gift! It would also be a fantastic gift to celebrate an engagement, birth of a child, or any other memorable time really.


What gifts did you give/receive for your first wedding anniversary?



Thanks everyone for your contributions – Éva from Captain Bobcat, Terri from The Strawberry Foundation, Kate from Counting to Ten, Ross from Isablog, Teri from Rhyming Mum, Lisa from That British Betty, Samantha from Chocolate and wine and I’ll be fine, Chloe from Life with the Busby’s, Victoria from The Growing Mum and Emma from The Mini-me’s and Me.



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