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I have been nominated by Becci from the Unnatural Mother to participate in the Blogger Uncovered challenge!

I thought I would do it because like her, I have reached a milestone in blogging –




So here it is…20 facts about me.


  1. My party trick as a child was to balance a spoon on my nose *cue Joe making a comment about my big nose* I’m pretty sure I can still do it actually.
  2. I have had millions of different jobs, partly because my desire to try everything and anything going and partly because I get bored incredibly easily. My favourite has probably been working at an animal shelter where I think I fostered more animals than I re-homed. I’m a sucker for the scraggy little dog/cat/hamster with 1 leg that nobody wants.
  3. I’m a literary geek and get ridiculously happy when I learn a new fancy word that no-body knows the meaning of. Sesquipedalian at heart.
  4. I am a tree hugging hippy lover and Joe always jokes that my dream man is the long haired vegan dude from our local market who sells health food. He might be right there…him or James O’Brien from LBC. Gotta love a man who knows big, impressive words.
  5. Talking of LBC, I listen to it literally all day and have even gone so far as to email Mr OB himself…he didn’t reply :(. The only time I don’t want to listen to LBC is when Katie Hopkins presents at the weekend – who would hire her?!
  6. As a youngster I played hours and hours of tennis and even competed in the nationals once or twice. I haven’t played for years but fear I would now display the agility of a 90 year old.
  7. I stopped eating meat when I was very young, I think about 8 and now don’t eat any dairy either because I truly believe the dairy industry is as bad, if not worse than the meat industry. I’m so proud that Elsa has taken up a love of animals and a few weeks ago, having researched it online, declared she no longer wanted to buy leather shoes. Love her. She’s a feminist, animal rights activist in the making.
  8. I am incredibly clumsy, regularly walk into door frames, trip over nothing and burn myself cooking dinner at least once a week. I was once standing next to my car chatting to a neighbour, I took a step to the side to open the car door but unfortunately the foot I was trying to move was being stood on by my other foot (I know, right?) Needless to say, I did a kind of sideways TIIIMMMBBBERRRRRR on to the ground and my neighbour looked over at me like I was the biggest idiot on the planet.
  9. I’m half Scottish and have crazy dreams of living up in the highlands, avoiding people and tending to my herds of cats, dogs, sheep and pigs. Joe won’t let me though because Scotland is too cold for his southern bloodstream.
  10. Leading on nicely…I’m a dreamer. I hate planning and once I get an idea in my head I want to do it NOW  NOW NOW!
  11. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be cake.
  12. Or dark chocolate. The darker the better.
  13. When I was little, I was so cripplingly shy I would literally feel sick with fear the thought of being asked to read out loud in class.
  14. I made my childhood best friend in infants school after she helped me up off the ice in the playground; a horrid girl in the year above had pushed me over. We were best friends until 6th form.
  15. Best chat up line ever used on me was by a guy who insisted he was Kanu’s (ex Arsenal player) cousin. He had heard I support Arsenal so went in for the kill with that beaut.
  16. Four words made me realise that Joe was the man for me. Özil and peanut butter. We discovered our mutual loves and the rest fell into place.
  17. We have an allotment and I would love nothing more than to spend a day digging and tending to our plants. Sadly, I have three children, several jobs and a house to run so my Good Life experience is limited.
  18. I love shoes and I desperately want to own some from Beyond Skin.
  19. I love cats. We have two at the moment – a boy called Stups (really called Sweetie but Stups is his nickname because he’s so stupid at times!) and a girl called Patty. Patty is half Siamese so kicks Stups’ butt in the brain department.
  20. I have 4 tattoos, all quite small and meaningful. I love them all 🙂

What facts can you tell me about you? Post something interesting in the comment section below xx



I now nominate Mandi at Hexmum Blog – go, go go!



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