3 Strategies To Prevent Christmas From Becoming Overwhelming


*This is a collaborative post*

As wonderful as Christmas is, there’s no doubt the entire festive season has a tendency to be a little… overwhelming. There’s so much to do, so much to plan for, so much to arrange; it’s the most wonderful time of year, but also one of the most demanding. Doctors have even suggested that many of us suffer with what is effectively emotional jet lag during the Christmas season.


The issue is compounded by the fact that we are surrounded by adverts and images that tell us we absolutely should be having the best Christmas ever. If you’re struggling to keep your head above water with all the demands the season places on you, then these images are particularly chafing.


The truth is that the holidays should be enjoyed, but that doesn’t mean you have to let the Christmas spirit consume you from late November through to January. The ideas above might help to provide some valuable mental clarity and ensure you make it through to New Year with a smile still on your face.


#1 – Get Away For Awhile


If you’re finding the need for relentless planning, preparation, and enforced merriment overwhelming, then you might benefit from just escaping for awhile. There are plenty of days out you could sample that will re-energise you; if you have more time to spare, then family Christmas breaks will also do the trick. All you need is to be somewhere that isn’t your home for a short while, and you should begin to feel more like yourself– bonus benefits if your short break involves plenty of time enjoying fresh air.


#2 – Ban Christmas Thoughts/Actions/Talk After A Certain Time of Day


Christmas can be completely consuming; it dominates your conversations, the things you do with your spare time, your ability to organise your diary… and it’s all a little bit too much. The best way to combat this is to install a simple rule: all talk of Christmas is banned after a certain time in the evening.


This tactic ensures that you have at least a few hours per day when you don’t have to think of anything to do with Christmas. You can just focus on being yourself, rather than worrying about gifts or helping family to schedule their travel times. Read a book, spend time with your kids on non-Christmas pursuits, and just give yourself the mental space you need to prevent the season becoming overwhelming.


#3 – Remind Yourself Christmas Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect


Many of us push ourselves to breaking point because we want Christmas to be perfect. We want our kids to have the perfect festive memories, and we want to ensure the entire family has a wonderful time, in a beautiful home, eating sumptuous food.


It’s important to remember that Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect. Food can burn, gifts might be less-than-ideal, and your house doesn’t have to look like it’s worthy of a magazine photoshoot. Christmas can still be fun when it’s just a group of people who love one another spending some quality time together; reminding yourself of this every once in awhile will do you the world of good.


Keep the above in mind and, hopefully, you’ll find yourself full of festive cheer throughout December. 


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