The Erratic Nature of Christmas

How has your Christmas been? Ours has been somewhat varied so far!

Jude isn’t coping well at all. He has spent pretty much all of today tantrumming and freaking out…In fact, it has happened so many times that I took a few pictures and he didn’t even notice me.


We went from this:



To this…in the blink of an eye…


IMG_3765   IMG_3764


And back to this…





To this…




I’m exhausted.


I have to say it’s hard to look at these images but when Jude is in one of these moods I have no idea how to deal with him. Nothing, literally NOTHING works.


Last night Jude and I lay in his bed and chatted about what we wanted to do tomorrow. He was laughing and smiling because he kept asking me the same question and thought it was hilarious to make me repose the answer over and over again. We were to visit the garden centre together as Jude likes the automatic doors but I said I’d call them first to see if they were open (Boxing Day so not everywhere is open). It was going to me a Jude and mum morning and I was genuinely looking forward to it.

Anyway, long story short but this morning Jude was in a funny mood, stomping around not really knowing what he wanted to do. I said “Come on Jude let’s go” but he flat out refused to move from the stairs. Then he’d whinge and say “but I want to go to the garden centre.” So I’d reply “I know! That’s where we’re going, come on” and he’d say “no, I don’t want to go.”


Repeat over and over again.


In the end Joe took the girls out for a walk and I waited in for Jude’s beloved Granny, our regular saviour, so I could go to work for an hour.




So today hasn’t been great. Jude has cried at least three thousand times, thrown himself on the floor perhaps two thousand, slammed a couple of doors, thrown at least two pieces of melon in my direction, hit me on the shin with a flying welly boot, stripped naked at bedtime and refused to get dressed, dumped his bed covers on the floor stating he doesn’t want them and lay flat on his bed naked yelling every time I picked up his pillow, stolen Elsa’s remaining advent calendar chocolate that she had been saving…the list is endless.


Do you know what I partly put this down to? The erratic nature of Christmas. In particular the lack of routine, the fact Jude doesn’t know when we’re going to work/school/who is coming around/where we’re going/why we are eating food we don’t typically eat, etc. The eating thing is a biggy. He was at his father’s yesterday as you know and today he has been very “sweetie manic”. He keeps talking about Randoms, jelly beans, chocolates, Maltesers and Skittles. All of which I know he eats very regularly at his fathers. This evening, he even said that he wanted to go to his dad’s specifically because he wants Skittles!!


Jude is going there tomorrow for a couple of extra Christmas visit days and I’ve pre-warned his father via text, that if I hear Jude has eaten sweets or chocolates in any shape or form then he isn’t coming back again. They literally send Jude through the roof and I can’t cope. He’s emotional, he can’t concentrate on anything and his behaviour is vile so it isn’t fair on anyone to put him in this state and we most definitely need a detox break from this sort of crap.


I know I can’t blame his behaviour entirely on Christmas Day sweets but to me, these things are just the worst and shouldn’t be given to children like Jude who struggle, day to day, to regulate their blood sugar levels, let alone their emotions.


Anyway, I think this house is going to be on a brown rice and vegetable diet for a few days.


Can you see a difference in your children during the Christmas period?

A x

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