Sausage and dumpling stew



I haven’t written out any recipes for you before as frankly, I’m terrible at following recipes and normally just make things up as I go along. I have frustrated many a friend with my “chuck a bit of this…” and “about a handful of that…” descriptions when they’ve asked how I made something.


So I apologise in advance for my lack of detail. I partly keep it vague as I think it’s nice to have a bit of flexibility in your meals; if you think I go a bit heavy on one ingredient then there’s nothing wrong with swapping it for something else. Don’t like a herb or spice? Then don’t use it. That’s always been my tactic and unlike the necessary specifics of baking, it always works with cooking. Maybe that’s why I like cooking over baking.


This recipe is something I found in a veggie cookbook a long time ago and have adapted over the years through laziness, lack of certain ingredients but mostly because I can’t find my cookbook anymore!




So you need:

6 Veggie sausages (I used Linda McCartney)

Lots of veg, largely root veg. I used – carrots, swede, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, onion, garlic, broccoli and leeks. All chopped up into chunks.



For the dumplings

Self raising flour

Margarine or butter

Grated cheese (vegan or dairy)

Pinch of paprika

Soya milk.


  • Fry up an onion and a few cloves of garlic in oil.
  • Throw in all the veg and stir so all the oil coats it all and the onions/garlic are mixed in well.
  • Chop up the sausage into bits (specific, eh?) and add them to the pot. Stir again.




  • Pour in enough stock to cover it all and leave to bubble gently for about half an hour. I normally leave it on super low for an hour or so.
  • Sprinkle a bit of smoked paprika, salt and pepper and any mixed herbs you fancy.
  • You can literally leave this simmering until you need it.



  • Place the self raising flour in a bowl (I have no idea how much, maybe about a cupful?) and add a tablespoon or so of margarine crumbling it together until it represents breadcrumbs.




  • A good way of testing if you have enough margarine is to squeeze a handful of the mixture together. If it sticks together then that’s fab.
  • Grate in some cheese (depends on taste) and mix together with your fingers.
  • Add a tablespoon of milk and use your hand to gently mix it together, taking up small amounts and rounding them into balls. Add a little more milk if it isn’t sticking together well.
  • Place each dumpling on a plate ready for adding. I’ve sprinkled a little paprika on them and yes, they are slightly odd shapes but they kind of smooth out when in the stew.




Add the dumplings to the stew for the last fifteen minutes and baste regularly with the stock. Add more water if it’s looking a bit dry and the dumplings aren’t able to have a bit of space each.



Season and serve in bowls with a big chunk of bread. Pour lots of the sauce on top, it’s delish.

A x



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