By far Jude’s favourite thing in the world is food. However, he has really strange taste. Jude’s favourite things include beans (green beans, kidney beans, butter beans, literally any type!) He also, weirdly, loves mushrooms, asparagus and plain pasta. When I say he loves them, I mean he could literally sit and eat a huge bowl of any of the above on its own and be entirely content. Is this a “disabled” trait or just Jude, I have no idea. He could happily live on cereal if I let him, but as I’m mean, he only gets to eat a couple of brans as the others are either unethical or just full of sugar and rubbish. By far the favourite in our house is Alphabites, that cereal with the bear on the front.

As most people know, I’m a health freak so Jude doesn’t eat any processed “food and sweets/biscuits are a rarity. I think nutrition is something highly overlooked within school education, particularly special needs settings. I don’t necessarily mean educating the children, it’s the parents (from my experience) needing support with what they feed their children as I truly believe there is a huge connection between food, concentration, behaviour, etc. I remember once at Jude’s school, the board were discussing whether to have a parental workshop on behaviour management or nutrition and I couldn’t believe that the connection was entirely missed by everyone in the room. Does anyone have any (funny or serious) experiences of food and disability? I have tons…like the one where Jude stole a slice of pizza off someone’s plate as we were leaving a restaurant and I didn’t notice until we were outside. Or during one of his (annoyingly typical) early morning fridge raids where he stole and ate an entire packet of green beans – I couldn’t be so cross about that one though 🙂

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