Autumn Soup Recipe

So I met this really lovely lady back in the summer at a blogger event and we hit it off straight away. There was me, very new to the world of blogging and here was Pippa, winning awards and being all professional with her work…oh how intimidated was I!?


Anyway, she writes this fabulous (Award winning!) food blog called the Slimming Foodie and amazingly, she has featured one of my favourite soup recipes on her site. I make soup quite regularly as it has always been one of Jude’s favourite foods – he loves food that can literally be shovelled with a spoon and even as a toddler at nursery he’d have at least two bowlfuls if soup was for lunch.


HERE┬áis the link to Pippa’s article. The soup is dairy-free and naturally for me, incredibly healthy. Give it a try…the ingredient quantities are very flexible so use it as a vague guideline if nothing else. Enjoy xx




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