Wendy’s Woofers

I promise not to harp on about our dog too often, it isn’t what this blog is about but as you know I’m very much into animal welfare so it’s only right I explain where our newest family member hails from.



We have wanted to adopt a dog for a while now but shelters are often reluctant to house them to families with young children let alone young children AND cats. A friend of mine tagged me in some pictures from a Facebook page I’d never heard of and here we are, a week later with Willow! Wendy’s Woofers is an organisation that works with rescuers in Romania, fantastic people who dedicate their spare time to saving the lives of dogs they encounter and who need desperate help. It’s incredible the work and effort they put into the cause and the time they dedicate to this amazingly worthy pastime. Frankly, I feel a little ashamed at the sparse amount I really do for humanity. We always hear bad stories about Romanians. They are a buzz word for all stories destined for certain newspapers but thankfully, in the background, a much different and less click bait-esque story unfolds. There is an almost clandestine feel to the whole rescue effort over there; everyone remains close-mouthed about what they are up to for fear of dogs being stolen and placed in kill shelters. It’s horrific.


Willow and her sister are two of the lucky ones.

The pair were found in a ditch by a wonderful lady rescuer. Wendy’s Woofers organisation pay for treatment, care, supplies, a passport, basically anything they may need. And here we are, a week following Willow’s arrival in the country and she’s snoring away on our couch.



The caring people at Wendy’s organisation have made the whole process fantastically smooth and easy to complete. We filled in a home finder form, had our garden checked for suitability and then they set to work looking for the perfect dog for us. There is no shelter to visit all the dogs in one hit. Each one is fostered out on arrival to the country which I think is brilliant as it means they are immediately being socialised, getting used to cats/dogs/children/new smells/walking on leads. The fosterer who looked after Willow was a lovely lady who clearly cared very much about her and wanted to give her the best start in life. She started to do some basic training which (fingers crossed) we can continue with once she starts puppy classes!



So if you are considering taking on a dog then please look at Wendy’s page and maybe drop them a line; they are ever so friendly and are happy to chat through any concerns you have may.


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