My weekend was supposed to be a Jude-free chillfest however at the last minute, his father decided he did not want Jude or Elsa to visit him this time. Very confusing for Jude, I don’t know how you can put that kind of situation on Jude as he can only function with regularity and consistency of experiences. He thrives on knowing when he’s seeing Granny, or going to school, or has a swimming lesson, etc. Ever since he was meant to be collected by his father, he has asked repeatedly if he is seeing him today, seeing him after dinner, seeing him tomorrow morning. I’m not sure it’s a sadness at not visiting him this weekend, rather I think he NEEDS to know what’s going on and this has just caused massive confusion.

BUT…on the positive, Elsa won a medal at her first ever gymnastics competition yesterday…


And I have tickets for Folk by the Oak (actually forgot about this until Friday) given to me   by the lovely people at Happy Days Charity. I’m not going to lie, I can’t name one folk band or singer but Jude loves music and I love all things hippy so hopefully it will be a fun afternoon for all.


I’m not sure how Jude will cope at the festival as he has never been to one and isn’t famed for his love of big crowds BUT as I keep saying, I want to expose him to new experiences and give him a broader understanding about the world. He has always loved music so perhaps this will be one of his “things” and we’ll become one of those families who go to several festivals every year. I’ll report back later today on how it went…

*Update on bubble tube (!)* Jude now loves the bubble tube and leaves it on as he goes to sleep, he has even stopped asking me to take it away! He keeps asking me to take pictures of it in the dark as I think he loves seeing the bright colours.


None of the other bits I ordered have arrived yet but I’ll chase them up Monday. Would be great to see his room all sensory-fied and calming as he loves having his own space and at the moment it’s not very nice. I’ve literally taken all his toys away because of his propensity for lobbing them everywhere when he doesn’t know what else to do with himself. I’m sick of picking them up so have just binned the majority of them.

I have also chased my (non) Social Worker twice this week to find out who my Social Worker actually is and have not heard back yet…email number 3 will be arriving in his inbox Monday morning.

So that’s about it. An update of a few bits and pieces. I will write again tonight following our time at Folk by the Oak and let you all know how it goes but I just wanted to say hello as I’m aware I haven’t written since Thursday.

I will leave you with this picture that I took earlier in the week. I have never seen these two sitting together on the couch like this before and it made me smile. She kept leaning on him and he’d push her away as he can’t stand being touched!


Will write later this evening.

A x

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