Weekend photos

Photos. I don’t take enough of them but want to start documenting our life in images rather than mostly in words.

Todays post is a series of pictures that I took over the weekend because it was a pretty challenging weekend with Jude so I would rather reflect on the good and amusing parts rather than draining energies by talking about the negative.


So here we go…


We went out on Friday night! Yep, out for dinner like real social grown ups. I wore make up and even managed to brush my hair beforehand!


However…pretty soon Emmeline clocked that we had left the building so Saturday morning, I was mostly punished with this face looking at me…


She was not impressed.           IMG_1880



Saturday was also the day that Jude completely refused to leave the house. We wanted to go to look at a French market in town but Jude had a tantrum and lay crying on the driveway so in the end I had to call my mum to sit with him so we could go out for an hour. It was literally the one thing I wanted to do all weekend and was NOT going to miss it. He is getting worse at walking and panics about missing his bedroom and his routines at home to the extent that I don’t know how we can carry on if he will never walk anywhere. We’ll have to but I don’t know how we’ll cope. He used to be pretty good at walking but now literally only does it under duress.

We repaid mum in stinky French cheese that she loves. Bleurgh.



This weekend Elsa wore denim for the first time in about five years! IMG_1885

I love these dungarees on her.


And to continue his lining up obsession, Jude also stacked up his food…


IMG_1888 He made a tofu tower five pieces high and was very proud of himself!



Sunday morning Elsa made Joe do some arts and crafts with foil pictures. I think he secretly had a lot of fun under Elsa’s strict and watchful eye..




We visited the grandparents and it made me think that perhaps for Christmas, Jude really needs his own iPad. Some of the games he plays on my mums iPad are really good and through one of them in particular we actually had a lovely conversation about what stays on the land, what goes in the sky and what floats or remains in the water.

IMG_1898 Jude explaining that the balloon “flies in the sky.”


I love it when Jude is in a chatty mood; it’s rare but it’s wonderful when we manage it. He and I were sat in the kitchen on our own eating lunch and for a few minutes he didn’t “do” anything autistic or weird or crazy, he just spoke beautifully with amazing clarity and thought. It always takes me aback when we manage this, like I said before I get a glimpse of what Jude could have been like without the disabilities and whilst I can’t lament this, I do still feel a slight sense of loss. Even after ten years.


IMG_1896  Jude and I chilling in my parents kitchen together 🙂



Home in the afternoon and look who came to visit…Mr. Liney Up.


Yes, that is a hose attachment and flower pot at the front of the queue.  IMG_1902


And now Monday is here and I have some peace and quiet back. Woo hoo.


What did you all get up to over the weekend? 




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