Top feel good Christmas Movies

I have absolutely zilch energy at the moment and the idea of lying on the couch, eating popcorn and watching good movies is literally my dream right now.

But which are the best films to watch? I’m never any good at making these sorts of life changing decisions.

It’s almost Christmas so my go to Christmas movies are always based around that “feel good” factor. Nothing stressful, nothing scary, just stories that make me feel content in some way.

Here is my top feel good movie list for Christmas!

Love Actually

I know it’s recently been slated across social media BUT for me, it’s almost nostalgic. It may be full of errors, questionable story lines and naff characters but I love it. So there. The music is memorable – I love anything piano based so Glasgow Love Theme really grabs at my heart strings.

This feel good film paints love in the most unrealistic of lights (don’t even start on the stupid orchestra “hiding” amongst the crowd at the wedding). But for some reason it is one of my comfort blankets for times when only happy tat will do.

I think I’ve watched this film about twelve billion times now so it’s safe to say it’s up there in my most loved list.

Santa Claus, the Movie

David Huddleston IS Father Christmas in my eyes. He’s the Father Christmas I imaged in my head throughout the 80s and my childhood Christmases wouldn’t be the same without this magical film. Despite the story not exactly being groundbreaking, I love this Christmas movie. It is super feel good and because of the huge budget that was put behind the production, it looks really good for the 80s.

Devil Wears Prada

I went through of a phase of watching this about five times a week haha Call it my Bridget Jones moment…

I love this feel good film. The clothes, the story, the chef boyfriend <3 It’s just fab. Emily Blunt is one of my favourite actresses and whilst this isn’t her most challenging role, she plays it fantastically.

More trash but it is certainly one of my “go to” films when I just need to lie under a duvet and not think about anything stressful.

Home Alone

Because you have to, right? Now one of Elsa’s favourite feel good films, we watch it religiously every Christmas.

Uncle BuckĀ 

Wow, this is turning out to be a classy list, isn’t it? Again, not Christmassy but it gets watched at Christmas in this house!

It’s just hilarious with John Candy being that terrible adult role model you’d never leave your kids with. What’s not to love? Top funny film!


Another Christmas film I watched every year as a child. Bill Murray is visited by a series of ghosts (Dickens-style) who show him the errors of his ways. It’s funny in an 80s kinda way…

The characters are totally 80s, the clothing is totally 80s. It’s incredibly nostalgic for anyone as old as me.

The Holiday

Have you seen it? It’s full of beautiful people (Jude Law, Cam Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black…ok scrap that last one), emotions and snowy English villages. It’s feel good personified. Perfect Christmas film.

Pride and Prejudice

Wonderful Jane Austen. An all time favourite film of mine whatever time of year it is. Elizabeth Bennett; wandering aimlessly across fields and attending high society fancy balls. I want to be her!

Which films make you feel good?

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