They’re back!

I’ve missed the little buggers so much but thankfully tonight Jude and Elsa are home from a week with their father. I went to collect them at 5.30 and the look of relief on Elsa’s face was probably as apparent as mine. She’s such a home body and since being back has spent most of her time in her bedroom just moving things around and sorting all her bits and pieces out. She even took her ornaments off the shelf and cleaned them in the sink, dusted her window ledge and lined her shoes up neatly!

Talking of lining up, Jude is on fire with his obsessive habits. He got home, jumped out the car and ran straight into the garden…via the toilet of course, as he goes to the toilet literally every time he walks through the front door! Here he is lining up the go-kart, Emmeline’s pink car and Elsa’s battered old buggy. He then squeezed his green bike into the remaining gap and tried to decorate his perfect line up with two plant pots! Hilarious.


As well as his linear fascination, Jude has already asked me about twenty times if we can go swimming tomorrow and can we go to Granny’s for lunch and then when Joe got home this evening from work, Jude instinctively said “are you going to work tomorrow?”

And I’m sure it is instinctive. I’m absolutely certain that Jude sees particular people and it triggers something in his brain that remembers which random comment or question he always says for that person. Grandad – he always asks if he can pick him up this week (not literally, he means collect him in the car.) Granny – he asks if he can come to her house for dinner. Stranger in the supermarket – “where are you going?” or “what are you doing?” When I see someone walking towards us, I quite often say to Jude “do NOT ask this person where are they going or what are they doing” and he laughs because he knows what he’s like!

But anyway, we have a very happy little Emmeline as her brother and sister are home. Here are a few pictures of them enjoying the garden this evening, reunited and content in their own little world again.

I love this first picture as it shows the children in their typical state – Emmeline with her football, Elsa hanging upside down and Jude on his bike!




Happy weekend everyone. A x

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