This week (i.e. yesterday and now) I’ve mentioned our daughters a lot on my Living with a Jude Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages so I thought I’d show you some more pictures I have taken of them.


It’s so fantastic seeing their relationship blossom, it’ll be an important source of support for them both as they get older and potentially have Jude’s care as a responsibility on their shoulders in adulthood. Emmeline adores her older sister and yesterday sat on her lap on the couch simultaneously watching her favourite programme (Hey Duggee) and giving Elsa kisses on the face. I didn’t want to move to grab my camera as I was afraid I’d ruin the moment but I did manage to get a snap of them still embracing when I did eventually slope off the couch…


IMG_2375                            IMG_2377


We went to the park and they played together, Elsa happily pushing Emmeline on the swing and helping her on the roundabout. They are literally two peas in a pod with their independence and dare devil attitude – Emmeline preferred not to hold on to the roundabout (see first roundabout image) and thought it was hilarious when she nearly fell off twice. This is something Elsa would have done at that age and she finds it fantastic to have a little protege in the making.


IMG_2389                             IMG_2391



Elsa below, moving the roundabout really slowly because of her sisters crazy preference for stepping off whilst still in motion.




Walking home…looks so harmonious but literally two minutes later when we reached the outskirts of the park and I had to put Emmeline back in the buggy, she turned into a screaming lunatic. She was fine once the straps were done up but she hates the getting in process!



So that’s our daughters in the last twenty four hours. Emmeline happy that Elsa is off school for half term and Elsa happy Jude isn’t yet off school. It’s bliss all round!


Siblings – Do your children have a special relationship? I know it won’t be happiness and joy 24/7 but so far our girls really do enjoy each others company. A x





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  • justsayingmum on

    Oh your children have such beautiful names! Gorgeous pictures. I have three children too and i find that their relationships with each other change depending on who is around! Enjoy half term xx #FamilyFun

    • admin on

      That’s very true! I think Jude’s behaviour in particular changes depending on who is in the house. A x

  • An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum) on

    Oh I love that photo of them walking back from the park. It is so lovely when siblings get on. My boys are really close, so much so that they choose to sleep together in the same room in bunk beds instead of sleeping in their own rooms. Its fab! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

  • tammymum on

    Oh they are gorgeous together that is no sweet, I love the dungarees too! My two have 11 months between the. And I have started to see them play and laugh together recently and its heartwarming! Inhooenthe sibling bond becomes strong and unbreakable! Thank you for sharing at #familyfun xx

  • Two Tiny Hands (@IsntitprettyKTB) on

    That must be so heartwarming to see them be so close and want to cuddle on the sofa together. This is why I want to go for the second child at some point. My brother and I probably don’t have that closer relationship but I still ring him up from time to time out the blue and we’ll chat for hours! love the picture of them walking together. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    • admin on

      It’s so amazing to see, I just love it. I think because of the tumultuous time we have with Jude, it’s extra heartwarming that they have such a fab relationship and will always watch each others back. Thanks for the comments x

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