Sunshine day

I’m pretty proud today. Yesterday, I did something  I’ve been promising myself that I’ll do for ages…


I did something just for MYSELF. Myself! Ok, don’t get massively excited because it was wasn’t ground-breakingly inspiring. Around midday, when Emmeline was having a nap, I made myself some lunch and instead of rushing around doing chores, lamenting the amount of washing I have to fold and attempting to tidy up the perpetually messy and vacuous space that is our downstairs living room, I sat down with my book and read for half an hour.




It was blissful. I genuinely don’t remember the last time I just sat and relaxed but it did me the world of good so I’m going to ensure I do this more often. Like every day. I’m going to give myself twenty minutes as a minimum but ideally half an hour and I’m going to use that time to do whatever I want…I’m loving my book at the moment so just having time to lose myself in the story is as good as therapy. I can’t explain how normal it made me feel just being able to read for a while.

Another thing I may do in my half an hour is just absolutely nothing. Lie on my bed and just breath. I know it sounds very hippy but having half an hour just to focus on breathing and relaxing the rest of my body would be borderline euphoric for my sanity.


I have been reading about breathing exercises recently and how beneficial it is to your entire body. Some of the benefits can be…

  • Slowing your heart rate.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Slowing your breathing rate.
  • Reducing activity of stress hormones.
  • Increasing blood flow to major muscles.
  • Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain.
  • Improving concentration and mood.
  • Lowering fatigue.


Do you find any time for yourself in the day? I’d love to hear what you do. Clearly my standards are pretty low with suggestions such as reading and breathing being on my to do list!


In the afternoon, after Emmeline woke up, we spent a while in the garden. Continuing my self-focused agenda, I wanted to maintain the good I had already achieved through reading so thought being outside in the beautiful sunshine would be the best thing for us. It was. Emmeline adores the garden and we always have a lot of fun exploring the plants, playing on the swing or tidying up the flower beds together.


IMG_2881 And I got to wear Joe’s lovely cosy jacket again!


We used our time well, not only enjoying the sunshine but clearing the leaves and apples at the same time.



My trusted fellow leaf clearer…Emmeline prefers to hunt out apples and then when she has found one she fancies, she runs a little way up the garden so I can’t take it off her. I don’t mind her eating apples off the ground but just like to have a quick check that it isn’t manky. This one wasn’t too bad so I left her to it.

IMG_2875                                          IMG_2877


So yes, yesterday was fab. We spent a large part of the day outside and I have not one ounce of guilt for the lack of housework or washing I completed. Why do we (I) put pressure on ourselves to achieve so much?



Spectrum Sunday


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