Summer holidays (slightly delayed!)

Oh my god, how long has it taken me to actually write another blog post?! I’m so sorry. I can’t tell you how busy I’ve been.

Where have you been Alice?

For the last month or so, alongside my virtually (and sometimes more than) full time role in London, I’ve been working on another project in my “spare time.” Oh yes, I’ve tested the limits of how little sleep it’s humanly possible to survive on. Today however, I had that “crap, I think I’ve pushed it a bit too far” moment because I felt horrendous. Headache, sick, dizzy. I’m not sure I got a lot of productive work done but hopefully I remained awake the whole day and didn’t accidentally fall asleep every now and then without realising. That could have been embarrassing.

But the project has finished for now and if it’s a success, I’ll let you know what it was. If it wasn’t then I’ll cry for all those lost hours and pretend it never happened…



So what have you been up to? How was your summer? Boy, that flew by in a flash. I feel like we’ve been catapulted from August, straight into December it’s so flippin cold at times.

Our summer was good. Jude was off for longer than expected (don’t ask!) so we had the pleasure of six weeks with the boy back home. I won’t lie…I was totally dreading it. Following on from last year where he refused to leave the house 95% of the time, I had little hope of much fun. But how wrong was I?!


Jude was AMAZING. He went out every day, either with me, Granny or his Support Worker. Some of the activities he took part in were strawberry picking, walks to the park, shopping in town, a ride on the train into London for lunch (with Emmeline no less. You can imagine how that went), swimming.


We went to Suffolk for four nights and hung out at the beach, went to the arcades and ate chips on the pier and Jude even agreed to go on a day trip to a farm to have a walk round the giant maize maze. It was HUGE, we got lost and it took bloody ages to find our way around it but he coped well. Granted, I had to bribe him there with a promise of ice cream but meh, you do what you need to do.


So yes, it was a great summer for Jude.

Another thing Jude did this summer was eat lots of food. And I mean a lot. He had a serious growth spurt and is now fully in teen mode. “Mummy, I’m hungry” must have been uttered at least five thousand times a day and the food bills…eurgh the food bills, I don’t even want to think about them.

New term

Back to school was an exciting moment (for everyone involved!) Jude was really looking forward to see who was at the house and seems to have settled straight back into routine life. He has a new teacher and class and keeps telling me about one person in his class that is his friend. It’s so cute. I love that he enjoys making friends these days.

Emmeline is also at school now, as you may have seen from my post on social media. But she’s another post in itself…brace yourselves for the whirlwind.

*Vegetarian sushi treat for dinner

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