Schooooolll and the Motivational Start

My prayers have been answered and the 5th September has finally been gifted to us. Hoorraahhh!!


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This weekend, I was inspired by all the smug posts on Facebook about preparing uniforms in advance as well as all the images of chronologically labelled, itemised boxes containing everything each child needs beautifully adorning hallways.

But then there was our disorganised household…I fell asleep on the couch last night moments after finishing dinner, woke up at midnight and thought to myself:

“nah, it’s fine, I can make a packed lunch, 5 breakfasts, label all of Jude’s uniform, pack his PE bag and find his waterproofs in the morning.”

And here is my smug moment…my method worked! Well, kind of. I can’t find Jude’s waterproof jacket but not bad apart from that.


But, more importantly I’m using the 5th September as my motivational start. I’ve not been feeling fantastic for quite a while now, everything stresses me out and I clearly have far too much heaving away on my little shoulders. Jude has been incredibly stressful for a long time now but so has money (i.e. not having any); the arrival of Emmeline, the crazy baby; work (or lack there of), just everything!


But why is it stressful? It’s not Jude/the baby/money stressing me out, it’s me allowing myself to be stressed.




Today, I am going to write a few lists of what I will achieve this week. I’m going to write my list every Sunday, delegate each item to a specific day and just break my life down into bitesize bits.  I will show you my list later and fingers crossed by September 2017 I’ll be drowning in work offers whilst masquerading as a boxing up, labelling and itemising Supermum like the the smuggoes on Facebook.


Stop Wishing


A x


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