I’m going to get on my political high horse for a minute so stay with me and I promise it won’t last long…

Rio. The Olympics.


I absolutely adore the Olympics, always have done and I always will. I love sport and any excuse to sit and watch two weeks of a range of sports we don’t often see, to me is heaven. BUT, Rio. Why Rio? Brazil has sooooo many social and political problems so why have they been given the honour of hosting the Olympics? How come they can pump a load of money into this event yet can’t get all the three year olds sleeping on the streets into safe houses with caring families, clothes on their poor, little terrified bodies and regular food in their mouths. Don’t get me wrong, Brazil is beautiful and a place I have always looked at in some awe and wonder however, this view is entirely based on reputation rather than my own witnessed reality. I was doing a bit of reading up on Brazil and here are the scary facts I found:

The poorest 10% of the population only earn 1% of the national income. The richest 10% within Brazil have access to more than 40% of the income.

Municipalities organise and finance local schools as well as general education for the children in their area so the richest parts generally offer a better education; the equipment and amenities vary wildly between the two extremes in living standards so therefore richer children are more likely to succeed at school and leave with good exam results. Sadly, the poorest population often miss school altogether because of malnutrition meaning they fail to develop intellectually or have any ability to adjust to the social setting of a school. Families on low income often encourage children to regularly miss school to help contribute to the family income and despite it being illegal to employ children under the age of 16, it isn’t uncommon for those as young as ten to feature in the work place.

Infant mortality rates in Brazil are terrible, relating directly to sanitation problems as well as education and financial levels of the family…

I could go on, but I won’t. I promised I wouldn’t. I cannot wait to watch all the events but it’s just so sad how polarised the wealth is in this country and that the Games will carry on as if nothing is wrong. I know they can’t put a downer on something so wonderful and it’s great to have positivity within a country like Brazil however, it just bothers me so much what goes on over there.

So Jude today…

I feel like I haven’t seen him today which I suppose you can take as both good and bad. He was in a really strange mood this morning and it’s all because he knew we had things coming up today and he’s terrible at waiting for events. I think it’s Jude’s anxiety manifesting again. It’s as if he literally can’t wait for whatever it is we’re doing later on and will ask me what feels like millions of times when we’re doing it. So for example, a while ago I promised to take the children to the Waffle House for lunch and because we got so sick of Jude asking when it was time to go, we ended up leaving at 11am. He was immediately content and went back to his usual self.

Today was one of those days. Jude knew he was going to his play scheme for a few hours and then coming home for dinner before his father collected him for his annual week with the children. This morning Jude repeated over and over again “I’m going to school (where the play scheme is held) then I’m coming home at 3 o clock, having dinner and going to daddy’s.”

“Yes Jude you are.” *repeat*

It’s as if he needs to clarify all the information in his brain before it happens in real life.

Before we left for his play scheme, he had a big tantrum in his room and I really cannot tell you what kicked it off because I’m sure it was nothing at all. But in true Jude style, literally five minutes later, it was as if nothing had happened and he was being chatty and sweet again. I normally make a concerted effort not to tell him when something big is going to happen at some point in the future as it just causes problems. Stupidly, I felt he has matured a lot recently so thought he could cope with this level of information but clearly I was wrong! I think Jude functions better when you say “right Jude we’re off out for lunch now” so he doesn’t have that time to dwell on it too much and inevitably freak out.

So, I’m going to miss Jude and Elsa hugely this week but it will be nice to have a bit of space to breathe for a week without Jude here. The summer holidays are challenging and long enough as it is but with a Jude, they’re a million times harder! Elsa was a little reluctant to go this evening but we have promised to speak on the phone every evening when she goes to bed so that will help us both.

So for the next week I have no fresh Jude material to write about but will instead reflect on things he has done or said in the past. I will also draw on journal and newspaper topics relating to disability that I have recently read.

To finish, here is Jude and Emmeline earlier this week playing the game she invented a few months ago that we fondly call “Pounce!” (you literally pounce on the bed)…they both had so much fun, it was wonderful to see.


Happy Friday night everyone x


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