Pictures from yesterday

I won’t write a lot today as I don’t want to bore you every day, but I have some nice pictures from our time at the spring yesterday afternoon.

Jude did well and managed to independently cross bridges and climb steps but what was also lovely was that he and Elsa went off and played together in the wooded area and on one of the bridges over a small waterfall. This doesn’t happen often but when it does, I feel so happy as I know Elsa would desperately love to have a “normal” sibling relationship and this allows her a few moments within one.

This picture below makes me laugh just to look at it. Look at the panic on his face! We’d only just arrived at the Spring so Jude wasn’t quite used to the landscape yet. He shuffled along repeatedly saying “help me!” But I’m mean, so I didn’t help him. He was quite obviously fine and sometimes Jude just needs a push of encouragement.


The other extreme to Jude’s timidity is Elsa. Happy to climb or abseil anything.


Again, this makes me laugh. And I quote…”Come on Jude, I’m three years younger than you and I can walk over the bridge.”

He did it eventually, literally shuffling his little feet as he went…

Following our time at the Spring, we went to the neighbouring park where Jude instantly went for the swings. I couldn’t follow him straight away as Emmeline was toddling along on her own so I had to check on her but I could hear him clearly enough, chatting to a lady pushing her son in the swing as if he’d known her all his life. He was using all his current classic questions such as “Can you push me?” “What’s hims name?” (obviously he means his) “Are you going home soon?” Blah blah blah

The lady was kind and answered his repetitive bombardment.

But then, a little boy came and sat on the swing next to Jude and chatted away to him like he would any other non-disabled child. This boy actually chatted to Jude! It was so sweet to watch, the two of them talking and laughing but ironically both thinking the conversations were about entirely different things. I guess ten year old boys still hold an element of egocentricity so Jude’s new friend thought they were having a competition to see who could swing the highest and Jude thought they were talking about Jude things (food, granny, ice creams…) It was amazing to see Jude socialise though, really finished off our trip to the Spring beautifully. As is typical, I was anxious about going out with Jude because of his volatility; it can be such a hit or miss experience but for this time, it went well.

Anyway, I said I wouldn’t write much so I’ll leave it at that for now. A x


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