Today was exhausting and neither Joe nor I sat down until the evening but in the end, it was worth it as our little Emmeline had her first birthday party with lots of family and friends all around her.

Hosting a party is tiring and doubly so when you have to factor a disabled child into the equation. Thankfully, Jade came over just before everyone arrived and between her and Jude they decided to go to Jubilee House for a while and then came back to the party later on. I’m so glad she came, her ability to help Jude feel at ease and happy is amazing so inevitably, he along with everyone else had a great day. I often feel sad that Jude doesn’t play and get involved in parties and events like all the other children do but then I stop and consider it from Jude’s point of view. According to him, today was a fab day. He went out with Jade for a while, saw everyone he loves at Jubilee House and got to play in their garden (and eat all their snacks) then he came home, rode on his go-kart, ate a bit of cake before going upstairs and playing on the swing in his room. He doesn’t care that he missed out on chatting to a load of people, nor does he care that he wasn’t technically part of the party. So for me, that’s fine. Jude had a good day, Elsa had a good day and most importantly, the birthday girl had an awesome day running around, screeching with laughter and playing with all the children.

BUT today is also quite a sad day as it was Jude’s last time with Jade, at least for the next year as she is off experiencing life in a different country for a while. She discussed it all with Jude and he realises that Jade is going on holiday but that’s about it for his comprehension. I’ve said it before but I realise more and more how little Jude understands about the world around him. His thought processes are so simplistic and I need to remind myself of this more often when my expectations of him are probably wildly ambitious. Jude has been getting to know his new Support Worker over the last few sessions at Jubilee House and he seems to really like her which is good. Despite Jade often joking that she’s already been replaced by Jude’s new best friend, I know she will always have a place in his heart as with her support he has changed so much as an individual. She has taken him out and treated him as a normal human being, something that doesn’t often happen to Jude; she has given him her undivided attention for the hours they spend together and has put her all into making him happy. It’s small things like this that make Jude so happy.

Jade didn’t like these pictures much but tough luck, I love them. Look how content he looks next to her 🙂

Other things from this weekend that I will elaborate on over the next few days…

Still no news from my non-Social Worker…zzzz this is getting boring now.

More interestingly, I read about yoga sessions for disabled children and think I’m going to register Jude for some classes ( They have group sessions on a timetable but I think one to one would be best for him to begin with – this will probably cost a fortune but we can give it a go and see if he enjoys it/benefits from it at all. I want to help his physical movement but have given up any chance of getting a physio to help us through the council so will have to go down the Alice route of physical development instead…yoga! I’ll let you know what they suggest may be best for him in terms of classes/individual sessions.

Second thing I have been investigating this week…and it is a bit random…is testing Jude to see if he has high metal toxicity in his system. This article details the connection between high toxic metal levels and autism It makes interesting reading when you do a bit of searching around about this topic and whilst I do not believe autism can be cured, lessening the symptoms of that and any other learning disability Jude displays would be great.

I’m going to look up a decent Naturopath and get their advice as to how to go about calming some of Jude’s worse symptoms i.e. his anxiety and perhaps cleanse his system of metals in some way. Does this sound a bit way out, hippy crazy? Perhaps so but Naturopaths help people in so many ways, I just want to give everything a shot and try make Jude’s (and therefore our) life as joyful as possible. Will report back…

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