Paper, paper everywhere…

With my new organised head on, I decided today to sort the mountains of paperwork that are hidden in every orifice of this house. I have no idea why I started this ridiculous task, can I just burn it all and pretend it never happened?


This is from one ringbinger…most of it is crap. And yes, that is a Christmas card poking out at the bottom.

Why have I not just instantly thrown all of this away?




Anyway, it made me think of paper and mostly paper in it’s nicer form. BOOKS. I love, love LOVE books. If I had any spare time in any day when my brain didn’t feel like mush then I would fill it with reading. I have a few favourite novelists but am on the look out for new suggestions so if anyone has something they have read recently and loved then please let me know. If it compares to the likes of Penny Vincenzi’s work then even better. I’m obsessed with her books, they are massively long but even still, several of them I have read at least twice. I have linked in her Facebook page (click on her name in the last sentence) as even just looking at her novel images sends me off into literacy dreamland…


I’m incredibly lucky that all of my children love books too. Elsa is an incredible reader and we have looked at several titles together that highlight women’s achievements in society as well as a lot of Shakespeare, Pride and Prejudice, everything by Roald Dahl, David Walliams (her absolute favourite author), a few by Michael Morpurgo, The Worst Witch series, I could go on forever. I initially searched out books for her that illustrated at a child’s level that women can do whatever they want in terms of work because when she was about 3 years old, Elsa went through a phase of asking me “Mummy, can girls be doctors?” *We then went and visited a female doctor* “Mummy, can girls drive lorries?” *Google was my friend for this one*

It scared me that at such a young age, she could already see the massive gender inspired disparity of career options that is readily advertised to us through the media.


Emmeline – she has been mastering the skill of turning pages recently and I’m pretty certain, the only time she isn’t running around screeching is when she is sat on the floor, turning pages of her colourful books. She won’t sit for a story yet but we look at picture books and ones with touchy feely bits such as these by Amy Blay and Debbie Tarbett


Then there is Jude. Jude has had a few favourites for a long time and we still enjoy reading these together. He can literally recite the Gruffalo and adores others by the same authors such as Stickman and Tabby McTat. His current favourite is still Emily Brown and the Thing as well as Aliens Love Underpants and Handa’s Surprise. I think he likes this last one because it’s about food – it’s been a favourite of his since he was about 5!! It’s quite good when he knows the story off by heart because then he is able to read it to himself. He can’t read words yet, he recognises a few but fluid sentences are too much for him.


Here is Jude at his most content, in his pants choosing a book for bed…


IMG_1417                                                                   IMG_1416

And the winning book is…






What books do you and your children enjoy? Please inspire us so I don’t have to read Emily Brown again! As much as I love it, enough is enough.


A x




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