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I wasn’t going to write about our trip away as I thought I’d potentially already  bored you all to tears via social media. BUT then I thought, why the hell not! Apologies in advance…


So, Joe, myself and the girls went to New York last week and it was pretty cool. Slightly anxious at the prospect of unleashing the youngest of our brood onto another continent, we arrived wondering what the week would bring to us. We have some wonderful friends in New York so I was mostly excited to see them, to me the touristy part of the city was very much secondary but I knew it was important for Elsa to see some famous landmarks…such as this one…


Emmeline wasn’t so impressed with this version…

We did do quite a bit of sight-seeing which was impressive seeing as Emmeline turned into the Tasmanian Devil most days with energy levels I’ve never quite witnessed before. That girl!


We took our crew to the Natural History Museum and Central Park one day which was really good fun. The pinnacle for me being Emmeline walking up to a squirrel and saying “allo squirrel, how are you? You alright?” It is a sound my ears will never forget and my mind will never not find funny. So genuine she was in her question.


Here is said squirrel!

We also went to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan one day. Fab place to visit, I’d really recommend it if you have younger children. Joe and I visited the 9/11 museum without the girls as I didn’t think it was suitable for either of them. Elsa and her anxious over-thinking mind and Emmeline’s inability to walk at a respectable pace would have just been too much. It was fascinating, upsetting in parts but definitely worth seeing. It’s beautifully and very respectfully done. I couldn’t visit again but would most definitely suggest the trip if you are New York bound at any point.


Emmeline determined an avid affiliation with the subway, insisting on never sitting next to us and playing peekaboo with anyone who caught her eye long enough to get the gist of her ambition. She had many willing participants. In fact, I don’t think we took one subway ride where we didn’t chat to at least a handful of people! Mostly people referencing how cute they thought Emmeline was. Looks can be deceiving guys.


She always had to shuffle up next to whoever she sat next to, it was hilarious!

Elsa had many a question about the subway, largely focused around graffiti which she found fascinating. “How did they get graffiti all the way down there?” was a question I really couldn’t answer about the artwork a level down from the rails…


The highlight for me was seeing our amazing friends; they made our trip better than it ever could have been.  Sleepovers for Elsa, baking cookies with both the girls, endless dinners/brunches together and even accompanying us on tourist trips were just a few of the things they insisted on doing for us.  Thank you guys, we’ll never forget it.


Another trip to the sweet shop for Elsa!


New York was kind of what I was expecting; busy, fast paced and loud, but what I wasn’t anticipating is how friendly the city people would be. Walking onto the subway with Emmeline in tow, I was met by at least three or four faces offering me their seat, insisting I took it with the little one. As it happened, Emmeline inevitably nabbed the seat but that was fine, she wasn’t able to stand very successfully in a moving carriage! People also chat to you which is a far cry from what you typically experience in London – shop assistants, people in restaurants and on trains. They’re so happy to have a little chat, it was amazing! I loved it. It’s the sort of place I could imagine living, so much positivity and kindness towards each other.


Snowman building in the beautiful park near our apartment.


The girls taking over the presidential office in the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.


Needless to say, I felt incredibly strange being in a different country to Jude. Even boarding the plane didn’t feel right, just to be physically leaving him like that. We spoke every day, Jude oblivious as to where we all were. I didn’t want to confuse him. My mum, ever the hero, collected Jude on his last day of term and spent the weekend with him. I think he was quite anxious about our return, not entirely knowing where we had been but understanding that the four of us would be home Monday at breakfast time. I feel kind of bad about not including him but I equally can’t imagine Jude enjoying a trip like that. It was pretty full on.


Snoozy trip home!


Back with his best bud 🙂


And now we’re in the Christmas holiday period…what joys and trauma will that bring to our slightly crazy household?!


Are you all ready for Christmas? 





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