Laughing and happy

I don’t want you all to think I’m a completely miserable whinge bag who does nothing but complain about life so here are a few pictures of Jude this morning before school. Weirdly for this time of day, he was in a lovely mood. He played peekaboo with Emmeline, returned his bowl to the kitchen when he’d finished breakfast and chatted politely to everyone in the house. Then I made him laugh…and when Jude laughs, he does it so dramatically that he literally cries…













This is the Jude I love. Laughing and happy.


Do you have any pictures of your children in hysterics?





  • The Mum Reviews on

    That is so lovely. It’s great to see the way children in particular aren’t afraid to give in to laughing and being joyful with pure abandon. I need to remember to take more candid photos like this. #familyfun

  • twotinyhands on

    Aww Alice your not a complete whinge bag!! What a lovely post to share with the world! Pure happiness! I need to try take photos like this. I’ve pretty much stopped taking photos recently!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  • Mary Peterson (@carolinatwinmom) on

    I wish that *I* had more pictures of my children in hysterics! I’m never quick enough with my camera. But I LOVE your shots!

    • admin on

      Thanks Mary! I’m annoying and always have my phone in hand, just in case! A x

  • tammymum on

    Ah that’s so lovely and to capture those happy times on camera too! Smart phones aren’t all bad eh. Glad to see you had a happy start to the day and ps I don’t think you’re a total whinge bag xx. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun x

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