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I think the lack of holidays over the last few years has made me crave travelling even more than usual. When I was younger, I was completely spoilt with annual trips to some of the most beautiful places in the world. I went to St. Lucia when I was seven and stayed in the most gorgeous hotel and despite my age, I had my own huge double bed. I’ve been to various parts of the US, the Caribbean several times – Antigua was beautiful but we’ve been most regularly to Barbados. I fell in love with Bermuda when I was about twelve and vowed I would live there when I grew up (I think I said that about most places though.) I’ve been to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, various Islands such as Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca.  All were beautiful, relaxing and fun.


I haven’t taken Jude abroad for a while now. We went to Chicago three and a half years ago and to be honest, it was stressful. I was terrified of the flight and how he would cope. Despite flying Upper Class and therefore having lots of room to move about, I was worried about what to do if he freaked out or had a melt down and the prospect of potentially having to entertain him for eight hours didn’t exactly fill me with joy either.


Jude in our Chicago hotel room aged seven – he looks so young!

Jude Chicago


As such, I have no intention of taking Jude abroad in the immediate future. Perhaps we’ll all drive to southern France again, that was fun and because we could control our environment really well, the stress levels were pretty insignificant. In reality though, it’ll be British based holidays for Jude which are perfectly fantastic but it does mean Jude may miss out on the odd family holiday. I initially felt bad about even considering leaving Jude in Britain whilst we all swan off abroad however, in reality, Jude wouldn’t enjoy it and therefore no-one else would either. We all need “down time” and as long as Jude has lots of fun things planned back at home (more than likely with Granny and Grandad) then everyone will be happy.


Here’s an even littler Jude enjoying fruit on our terrace in the south of France – I think he’s about five.

Jude S France


We’re planning a trip to Scotland in May. My mum is Scottish and I spent much of my childhood zooming up the M6 to visit relatives so I’m keen to show the children around the country and in particular the places I frequented most often. There are so many beautiful places to visit, particularly the many Lochs, mountains and rural villages and towns that retain so much of that Scottish tradition. We normally stay in Edinburgh these days as it’s such a fantastic place; I actually want to move there but as Joe has never even visited the city, I can’t really expect him to blindly up and leave.


BUT I have a few holidays I really want to take or places I’d like to visit. They are…


  • A Safari trip – it is a dream of mine to stay in a hut and be entirely surrounded by nature. I want to see animals in the wild rather than stuck in horrible pens at a zoo and I would love more than anything to see elephants and big cats. No idea why but I adore these animals in particular.





  • Ibiza! No, not the parts of Ibiza I went to when I was nineteen. I mean the beautiful, idyllic areas that induce utter relaxation, a sense of removal from the real world and where (again) I’d consider moving our family to in a heart beat.





  • Southern France. I’ve been a few times and feel absolutely at home each time we visit. In particular, I love the Charente-Maritime area in the south west – it’s beautiful, peaceful, very French with lots of quaint little villages near the gold sandy coast line.





  • Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India. Not necessarily in that order! I’d love to explore Asia. It’s so so different to my understanding of the world in safe, predictable Hertfordshire; I also think it would be an amazing experience for the girls to encounter.




  • Mexico! In particular Zihuatanejo where a friend of ours lives. It looks so beautiful and I’d love to go and spend some time down wander the beaches and experience real Mexican life. Elsa’s last geography topic was on Mexico and she thought it brilliant that they have chilli sweets and drink cactus juice (so glad she studied the finer details of this fantastic location.)




Being the dreamer that I am, there are absolutely loads more places I want to go to but these are my top five at the moment.

Where are your bucket list holiday destinations?




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