I’ve mentioned her many a time on my Instagram feed as well as throughout this blog but I thought it would be cool to highlight some of the reasons why my mum is the best Granny in the world.


  • I literally couldn’t function without her. Today for example, I had to go to work so what did she do? She took on all three of my children without a care in the world. Jude was meant to be going out with his Support Worker for a few hours but unfortunately she wasn’t well. Initially I panicked but mum was cool…took it in her stride as usual.


  • She does so many fab things with the children and they seem to invent funny games with her that only Granny is allowed to play. We had the unique and bizarrely named “Cool hair” game initially created in collaboration with both Elsa and Jude. Then even Emmeline got in on the action by making up a game with those pingy cone things that you try to catch table tennis balls in and only Granny was allowed to join in. Emmeline will literally scream if you dare to try and engage.



  • She’s a doer. When Granny comes around, she doesn’t come for a cup of tea and a chat. Nope, she makes me tackle those jobs I put off (pretty much all of them) by giving me no excuses whatsoever. It has been known for Granny to turn up with a steam cleaner that she’s hired purely to sort our evil stairs out or with her tool box to fix something or other that we’ve left for months. I’ll come home from somewhere and Granny will be in our garden tackling the weeds or mowing the lawn. Even more hilariously, occasionally I’ll come home and it’ll be like the gardening fairy turned up in my absence as the lawn will be immaculate but there will be no sign of anyone in the house.


  • Granny is more chilled out than a chilly snowman. Nothing phases her, she just gets on with stuff.


  • Granny used to come to all of Jude’s hospital appointments with me when he was a baby. She’d drive the forty five minutes up to my house and then the further half an hour with me to our local hospital. She did this whatever the appointment as she wanted to support me and because she loved Jude more than anything.


Jude with a three day old Jude


  • Granny is a diy queen. When our sink was blocked, who fixed it? Yep.


  • Granny thinks about the children pretty much all the time and will text me at stupid o clock because she’s suddenly thought about something for one of them.


  • Granny takes the kids on amazing outings. Last summer, Elsa and Granny went on the Eurostar to see the sights of Paris for two nights. How cool is that?!


  • Granny and I have psychic powers. It’s kind of freaky but we seem to think the same things quite often and have had odd experiences where we do the same stupid thing on the same day.  On the flip side, it works well because if I go out looking for something that one of the children need, it isn’t uncommon for Granny to be doing the same thing even without us having talked about it. I need to test this out to see if I can telepathically tell her something.


  • Granny can cook! As a treat when she knows I’m broken and can’t face making anything more elaborate than toast, she’ll turn up with yummy food for the children’s dinner.


  • She is currently known as Gyeeeee by Emmeline (she can’t say Granny) and is certainly the most popular member of our family by a LONG way with all three children asking for her, without fail, every single day.

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