Five Funny Things

Leanne from Mrs Mummy Harris tagged me in a post about funny things our children do. I know I whinge about living with Jude a great deal of the time but on the flip side of the awkwardness is an incredibly witty little boy who knows he has a great sense of humour. I remind myself of all the amazing elements of Jude so I can mentally get through the tougher times. He’s hard work but my goodness, he can be a charmer…


Five funny things about Jude? Easy peasy…


  •  Jude laughs a lot. At really silly things. Say a word in a funny voice and he’s gone. You can do a silly dance and he’s creasing up in tears. It actually makes me laugh to make Jude laugh.



  • Jude loves some really odd foods. Absolutely ages ago, I wrote about his love of beans. Beans in any shape or size…green beans, butter beans, whatever as long as they’re beans. He also loves mushrooms, loves them to the extent he always asks if he has mushrooms in his dinner! You could just give him a big plate of beans and mushrooms for dinner and he’d be so happy. Weirdo.


Jude LOVES food.


  • Jude loves to have his nails painted. When he sees Elsa doing hers, he’ll always go over and ask her to paint his too. Whilst I don’t think this is funny, it makes me smile (and I’ll take every smile going at the moment). To see a child so unaware of the horrendous typical gender stereotypes society eventually breaks into a child is wonderful. Jude likes his nails a different colour and so what? Why are we so het up on little things like this? Anyway, yes Jude likes to have his nails painted and he looks awesome with it.


  • Jude knows how to laugh at himself and some of the hilarious things he does. When he’s lined everything up in his room, he knows I find it funny and he will laugh alongside me. It’s a very endearing characteristic and one lacking from most children his age.


  • Jude is borderline phobic of glasses. Again, I’ve written about it on my blog in the past as it’s so hilarious to see. If you leave your glasses on a table/kitchen work surface then you can bet your life they won’t be there when you next want them. He’ll hide them, usually at the back of a drawer where he’ll then pile everything on top of them so they’re invisible. I remember once I refused to move my glasses from the dining table in a restaurant so Jude pushed the salt/pepper, the menu card and basically anything he could find so it built a little barrier around the glasses. He then couldn’t see them but kept peering anxiously around his makeshift wall to see if they were still there. It was so funny. Nowadays, we kind of wind Jude up by saying “Jude do you want to wear my glasses?” for which he’ll run away screeching and laughing. What’s that all about?!


How long will my new speccys last?!






I’m tagging Emma Faith Anna and Erica to hear your five funny things xx

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